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New Episode by Saturday! Jamal Igle

I’ve been catching up on some work this week after the C2E2 convention. Our next show will feature an indepth interview with Jamal Igle, more from C2E2 and some listener voicemails about greatest DCU stories of all time. We also have a special original song from Wednesday Heroes that will close out the show.

Following that will be 1 more C2E2 wrap up where we speculate on more interesting news from DC / Vertigo / Wildstorm and also chat some new comics.

Then we start releasing the already recorded kick off to JLA/Avengers.

We have some cool content planned.

202 up tomorrow night: Major recordings today and big week coming

We have some very cool recording opportunities this weekend so I am releasing a new show on Monday. (Very slim chance on this evening if our recordings end early enough but Monday night is for sure.)

We are interviewing artist Jamal Igle on his recent Supergirl work.

Our Blackest Night wrap up will be recorded as well.

We also have JLA/Avengers part 1 recorded and will be recording part 2 next week.

There are big plans for C2E2 (April 16-18) with lots of comic chat, interviews, a review of the film Hero Tomorrow and much much more.

I’ll be posting more concrete details as we finish recording and editing gets moving.


P.S. If you don’t own Hero Tomorrow, it’s a fantastic indie film. I will be posting more details this week but check out the web site.

201 up tonight. New David Baron contest on his site to honor 1000 followers.

Deadline Next Saturday!!!

I am working heavily on Episode 201 today. I have to take a break for holiday dinner with my dad but I am posting a show tonight for sure. My wife has been on vacation so we spent the last couple of days with family and took some time together. We’ll still have 4 shows in April. I am keeping the same goal for 2010 as 2009 4 episodes or more a month.

 Hope your kick off to spring has been great.

Episode 201 delayed slightly due to the holidays and contest update

I’ve been juggling visiting with family and friends over this weekend, plus my wife is on spring break. Episode 201 is about halfway done. Both 201 and 202 feature guests and I like to edit those a bit more diligently to make sure they sound fantastic. I feel they deserve that for giving us so much time. My goal is to try my best to have 201 up tomorrow night. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks so much for the patience on the holiday weekend. These are very fun recordings and I want them to be perfect.

201 will also have the official announcement of contest prize winners. If you entered the contest, email me at with your name and address. All entries for this contest will be winning a prize. We will announce the grand prize (David Baron’s great comic boxes) and 1st runner up (trade of choice from instock trades) on this episode. The rest will get to choose from our show prize box.

Episode 201 up Friday or Saturday, 202 early to mid next week, 203 following weekend

We’ve done some big recordings the past couple of nights and now it is on to editing and releasing content to you.

201 will be this weekend’s release: We talk to colorist Art Lyon about his work on the Shield #7, and have a brief discussion about Batman Widening Gyre.

202 will be released by Wednesday night at the latest: We are joined by Kent Hare to discuss JLA/Avengers Part 1

Continue reading Episode 201 up Friday or Saturday, 202 early to mid next week, 203 following weekend

Recording tonight with Art Lyon

Art Lyon is one of many friends of the show we haven’t had on in awhile. We are recording with him tonight to discuss the Shield and Widening Gyre.  He’s always a great guest. We have some cool shows coming your way over the next 10 days.

This includes:

Art Lyon

JLA/Avengers Part 1

Blackest Night wrap up

Episode 200 airs tonight or tomorrow (depending on editing): Begins month long celebration

We have a lot of content we have been working to put together for you and the recordings are finally coming together. This month, we celebrate 4 years of Raging Bullets and the greatest DCU stories of all time.

The episode line up this month will include:

Episode 200: Justice League Crisis on Two Worlds/Spectre Short with Kent Hare who is out JLA/Avengers contest winner and is  joining us for a 3 parter talking what is great about the JLA, Contest entries for “Call in as your favorite hero”, Special 200th song by Eli, Indepth geeky discussions about the multiverse and earth 3.

Episode 201-end of the month: We are getting to a whole bunch of content that we promised. We’re using Spring break as a catch up on recordings. Topics will include:

 1) Greatest DCU stories of all time (Note: Listener audio and email submissions will air all month on a variety of episodes so feel free to call or email any further thoughts you have.)

2) JLA/Avengers with Kent Hare (Part 2 and 3 of the indepth look at the Justice League),

3) Blackest Night 8 and event wrap up

4)  The last Preacher hardcover arc

5) “Minisodes” of current comic content

6) Commentary on the CGS Super Show

Also, Airing the first week of May “Batman: The Cult”

Thanks for all of the great support. We have a ton planned.

New Show Tonight

Jim and I recorded a huge show last night. We look at Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman recent releases. We also chat Blackest Night, Jonah Hex, Magog, Green Arrow and much much more.

Remember to check out our new contest. Call in to the show as your favorite DC hero and enter to win prizes. The deadline is March 23.