We’ve done some big recordings the past couple of nights and now it is on to editing and releasing content to you.

201 will be this weekend’s release: We talk to colorist Art Lyon about his work on the Shield #7, and have a brief discussion about Batman Widening Gyre.

202 will be released by Wednesday night at the latest: We are joined by Kent Hare to discuss JLA/Avengers Part 1

We have some plans for our next recordings. 203 is the Blackest Night Wrap up for sure. We’ll coordinate with friend of the show Myron Rumsey of the Blog of Oa to wrap up our in depth look at Blackest Night. 204 and 205: WIll feature a possible interview and a continuation of JLA/Avengers.

Most episodes will have emails and voicemails on Greatest DCU stories of all time.

We’ll wrap up the month with Greatest DCU stories of all time and get to share our thoughts on Batman: The Cult.

Oh yeah, we’ll be recording live at C2E2.

By DrNorge

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