We have a lot of content we have been working to put together for you and the recordings are finally coming together. This month, we celebrate 4 years of Raging Bullets and the greatest DCU stories of all time.

The episode line up this month will include:

Episode 200: Justice League Crisis on Two Worlds/Spectre Short with Kent Hare who is out JLA/Avengers contest winner and is  joining us for a 3 parter talking what is great about the JLA, Contest entries for “Call in as your favorite hero”, Special 200th song by Eli, Indepth geeky discussions about the multiverse and earth 3.

Episode 201-end of the month: We are getting to a whole bunch of content that we promised. We’re using Spring break as a catch up on recordings. Topics will include:

 1) Greatest DCU stories of all time (Note: Listener audio and email submissions will air all month on a variety of episodes so feel free to call or email any further thoughts you have.)

2) JLA/Avengers with Kent Hare (Part 2 and 3 of the indepth look at the Justice League),

3) Blackest Night 8 and event wrap up

4)  The last Preacher hardcover arc

5) “Minisodes” of current comic content

6) Commentary on the CGS Super Show

Also, Airing the first week of May “Batman: The Cult”

Thanks for all of the great support. We have a ton planned.

By DrNorge

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