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New show being recorded tomorrow

Hey Everyone,

We have a new show being recorded tomorrow with a release tomorrow night or Wednesday due to editing. 

Topics include: Titans TV Series, Constantine Direct to Video, Wonder Woman and Justice League Dark Witching Hour #1 and the latest issue of Wonder Woman,Justice League Odyssey 1,  Batwoman concluding  and more


Show returns from hiatus this weekend: Man of Steel #1 and Doomsday Clock #5 Plus special “lost” episode

Sorry for the lack of news. I wanted to wait until I could give you the actual show recording and release info.

We are recording our next episode tomorrow and will focus on the new Man of Steel #1, Doomsday Clock #5 and casual chat about DC reads during our hiatus.

The show will release tomorrow night or Saturday night at the latest.

Next week, we will release a “lost” recording that we did of Avengers Infinity War as a bonus release. 

Apologies again for the lack of news. We were waiting until we could get back on a schedule to get news to you. 

Episode 520 update: Recording complete, almost 3 hours of Superman Goodness

Hey Everyone,

Jim and I just finished the new show. We spend the first half celebrating Superman. We share our experiences with the character from childhood to present day. We also briefly discuss the lost Superman story in the 80 Years of Superman hardcover. The second half of the show is devoted to Action Comics 1000. We take an indepth look at every story in this 80 page celebration of the Man of Steel.

I have started editing and am hoping to have it up tonight. Worst case scenario, it will be up early tomorrow.

We shifted gears to a Superman celebration because of the timing.

Slight Delay due to work obligations: Adding Action Comics 1000

Hey Everyone,

I got a little overly ambitious. I thought Jim and I could record tonight before I left for a work trip. Unfortunately it did not work out. That being said, we are still recording this week. It will be Thursday and released on Friday. We are going to add Action Comics 1000 to Doomsday Clock, Metal, and Suicide Squad’s new animated feature.

Thanks for your patience. I was excited to record but was trying to fit too much in.

Raging Bullets returning this weekend in time for anniversary

Sorry for the lack of updates, we wanted to post once we had a clear timeline. We are finally past health issues and starting to prepare content for you. Our show’s anniversary is this weekend so we are both excited to prepare content to end our unexpected hiatus. It’s a great time to be a comic fan. Thanks for your patience. 

We are recording a couple of times over the next few days to prepare an episode for Sunday release at the latest. We are also recording the following show in the same time frame. We have quite a bit of content spread over those two episodes. 

Topics we are discussing: Nightwing, Milk Wars, Aquaman, Mera, Metal Spin off series (Sideways, Silencer), Justice League, Batman, Detective, Superman and much more via speeding bullets.  We also plan to discuss recent DC animated releases such as Gotham by Gaslight and Lego Flash. Krypton will also be a topic. We will be shouting out the Staunch Ambition #3 Kickstarter in a special segment.