New show tomorrow night: Amazing Guest and a new contest!

Jim is sick with a flu bug but filling in for him was colorist and friend of the show, David Baron.  We discussed his work with Jock on Detective Comics 862 (amazing issue), blogs, comic creators, the internet community, and much much more. He is always a fantastic guest. This episode is a real treat.

We also tell you about an amazing contest for the next couple of weeks with prizes that can’t be beat. David was kind enough to offer a prize that has me jealous of the listener that gets to win this one.  Make sure you check out the episode  to get in on all of the excitement.

Straczynski to write Superman and Wonder Woman (Updated)

Some interesting and exciting news about the future of Wonder Woman and Superman. JMS is taking over both in July.

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LITG: Cry for Justice, Nemesis: The Imposters, JSA All Stars, Adventure Comics

Life in the Gutter by Mandy Stegall

Yep, I’m still alive. Trust me, it was never my intention to stay away this long.  I’ll spare you the list of reasons, though.  It’s long and boring and involves pain killers, doctor visits, and fear of broken bones in my leg.

Gearing up for C2E2 in the next month or so, I’m going to attempt to be better at updating.  I don’t have the specifics down quite yet, but I AM going to be in Chicago for the blessed event, and I’m looking forward to hopefully meeting many of you.

Without further ado, let’s get on to the main event: the comics.

Justice League: Cry for Justice

I’m really torn on my feelings about this series.  First off, let me say that I think there were too many people involved.  I don’t think Congorilla and Mikaal really contributed to the story enough to justify their presence, and I felt like they were just…there.  I can’t say that I saw their presence as anything more than the blue guy making friends with the man trapped in the gorilla’s body.

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Temporary Forum Solution

I am going to use our Facebook Group more actively as a temporary solution for the forums being down. Feel free to start discussion topics there. I will let everyone know when the forums are back up. The guys over at CGS let me know that this is a server issue that needs to be resolved so the forums might have some decent downtime.


Smallville gets 10th season

I was really hoping that the plans to make it to 10 seasons would pan out. There is some tremendous progression this year for the series and I am glad Smallville will get a chance to play out the story the way it is currently intended. I am hoping for another Geoff Johns episode next season as well.

Geoff Johns talks the Flash on the Source and a quick shout out to Last Stand of New Krypton

I’ve shared earlier this week that I am drooling for a new Flash series. If you don’t read the Source regularly, you definitely need to be checking it out for great two part interviews such as this one with Geoff Johns. Plus you get to look at more of that great preview art.

As an additional note, I am hoping any Superman fans out there picked up this week’s Adventure Comics. There are some great moments explaining much of what has been going on with the Legion would have been in our time for the past couple of years.  It’s cool that this is something we’ve seen since the Meltzer JLA run. There is a greater sense of long term infiltration because they knew what was coming. I feel like I have been a part of their journey due to the sense of time passage. I am curious to see if the Legion’s involvement will be enough to completely hold off Brainiac and the plans of General Lane.

Episode 198 Schwa E is up: Speeding Bullets and Voicemails

Episode 198 schwa e: Speeding Bullets and Voicemail Special: We have some really fun comic chat about Superman World of New Kryton 12, Batman 696, Great 10 4, The Shield 6, Warlord 11, Rebels 13, Green Lantern 51, Brief Blackest Night 7, Tiny Titans 25, and a whole lot more.

Episode 200 will be the week of March 23.

Show Notes:

0:00 Show opening,,,,  our ongoing contest (,,, show voicemail line 1-440-388-4434 or drnorge on Skype,and more.  

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Some Cool DC Twitter Activities

First Wave #1 is released today and I figured it would be cool to remind everyone that you have the chance to read it with Geoff Johns and Jim Lee if you follow them on Twitter. I think this is a cool way to make use of Twitter and add a different dynamic to the reading experience.

I mentioned yesterday how stoked I am about the new Flash book. There’s a cool chance to get a collector’s item copy. If you are a trivia buff, starting April 7, they are offering 5 lucky winners each day a chance to get a signed copy.

I am glad to see so much focus on making the comics experience interactive and fun. This is a great use of internet technology.