Anyone hitting the midnight sale tomorrow?

I just learned that Comic Heaven in Willoughby, Ohio is having the midnight sale for the DCU release of JLA and Flashpoint 5. I am definitely going. Is anyone else hitting it at their local? I think the buzz around this is just plain awesome!

Link to Comic Heaven:

New DC: The New 52 Extended Commercial and site update.

This just looks plain awesome. I am thrilled at seeing such promotion for comics. I think any buzz is good for the industry as a whole.

The site will have issues for the next few days as they migrate us over to a new server. I will post when everything is normal again.

Flashpoint 5 and Justice League of America 1 getting midnight releases.

I just came across this when I was editing the show. I think this is terrific news. This is usually reserved for a major motion picture, video game release or Harry Potter. I hope this is an exciting trend that is successful and continues. I would love to see comics continue to gain this attention.

Batman and Detective creative teams revealed at the Source! UPDATED x 2!

I have to say this excites me. I loved Dick Grayson as Batman so losing that is a downer but the writers attached to both of these books have been terrific.

Scott Snyder’s Detective run has been spectacular. It has been edgy and not afraid to add some new gadgets and concepts to the Batman mythos. He’s added something fresh with the return of Jim Gordon’s son. His understanding and evolution of the relationship between the police and Batman has been one of my favorite elements. I am excited to see where he takes Bruce.

Tony Daniel really has impressed me with his growth as a writer on Batman. This really has been since the really cool Black Mask mystery. He hasn’t stopped delivering with the recent Sensei arc. I am glad he is sticking around.

My questions:

What does this mean for Dick Grayson, Tim Drake and Stephanie Brown? How will Batwoman fit into this?

I don’t think Bruce going back to Batman means that we lose Tim or Dick. Bryan Q. Miller has been amazing on Batgirl so I hope that character continues on. We’ll see. So far, the creative teams on the first two announcements have me excited.

Ok, it looks like Batman will retain most of the continuity with Damien staying as Robin! I am thrilled.

Ok, I have to say it. I am thrilled with the Barbara Gordon announcement because it keeps Gail Simone writing her!

Now I still wonder about Dick Grayson and Tim Drake. I am glad to see Damien. This is totally unexpected and I am curious to see how the revamps will be explained.

Judd Winnick on Catwoman sounds great. I will be curious to see how Birds of Prey plays out.

It looks like Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain are out. I am sad about this but I am a huge Batwoman and Barbara Gordon fan so will gladly read those two books.

Speculation from Captain Obvious: Reboot is not a full reset but a mixture of old and new.

Call me Captain Obvious on this one but DC’s reboot is exciting and nothing to worry about. If you look at the Green Lantern Family #1 solicits, it’s clear that is retains much or all of the current continuity is being retained for this group of titles.

Now does this mean that it will be that way for all characters? No. We will see some major revamps. I am glad to see that DC is looking at what is working and drawing in readers. Throwing that out the window wouldn’t make sense. Revamping characters that need a new direction and draw, is a very cool idea. I also applaud the concept of a universal “jumping on” point for all books in September.

The more news we receive, the less worried I am. I love new ideas but also love that they will be mixed in with a healthy balance of what is currently working.