Episode 271: The New DCU Begins here! We discuss Flashpoint #5 and Justice League #1 in depth

Episode 271: The New DCU Begins here: Jim and Sean discuss Flashpoint #5 and Justice League #1 in depth. The new 52 begins now! NOTE: We also talk about some events from Lois Lane and the Resistance , Kid Flash Lost, and Project Superman casually.

Listener Voicemails from a new listener, Brandon, Matt, Mark and Martin.

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3:05 Preordering, midnight sales and Flashpoint #5 NOTE: We also talk about some events from Lois Lane and the Resistance , Kid Flash Lost, and Project Superman casually.

1:17:10 Justice League #1

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Mart’s Blog


JokerFish #05: The PhD And The Shiny Helmet

Hi there Raging Bulleteers, and welcome back to a new edition of JokerFish.

“What’s JokerFish?” I hear you ask. I don’t blame you. Even if you’ve been around these parts for a while you may not remember what JokerFish was. I started this little blog about a year ago when I won a box of comics from DC colorist and friend of the show David Baron. My original intention was to review every book in the box, all dated about November ’09. Well… I reviewed about four books. I was really looking forward to taking a literary stroll across the DC universe, as I was following most of the books at the time, and I was keen to dip a toe into those titles that I’d neglected.

“Bwahaha! So you like to make plans, do you?” laughed Fate (the metaphorical kind, not the one with the PhD and the shiny helmet), as life proceeded to jump up and down all over my intentions. Without giving you a complete dissertation on the Lantern Savage Chronicles, I can tell you that basically my girlfriend moved to New Zealand from Las Vegas last November to live with me, and we’ve since been quite busy with the working and the living together and the blah blah blah. So now you know why there hasn’t been a JokerFish entry on this site since, oh, June 2009, whether that interests you in the slightest or not. Apologies to Sean and Jim and the three other people who were reading!

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Some Cool DC Twitter Activities


First Wave #1 is released today and I figured it would be cool to remind everyone that you have the chance to read it with Geoff Johns and Jim Lee if you follow them on Twitter. I think this is a cool way to make use of Twitter and add a different dynamic to the reading experience.


I mentioned yesterday how stoked I am about the new Flash book. There’s a cool chance to get a collector’s item copy. If you are a trivia buff, starting April 7, they are offering 5 lucky winners each day a chance to get a signed copy.

I am glad to see so much focus on making the comics experience interactive and fun. This is a great use of internet technology.

DC Entertainment Names Executive Team


Any time you hear that change is coming on the horizon, you start to get worried. Will there be people in charge that understand the comics and what makes good comics? Will there be someone there who understands the fan base? Will they make sweeping changes to the universe that I am already enjoying and alienate me? Those were just some of my fears.

Now, I am a rational person and I totally realized it was just fear of the unknown and unnamed but I am so thrilled the DC Entertainment made the decisions for Jim Lee and Dan Didio as Co-Publishers and Geoff Johns as Chief Creative Officer.

Blackest Night has been an amazing event, not only because of Geoff Johns, but of how well every creator involved really pulled together to be consistent with the overall event. I think this is a testament of what it is like to work on an event with Geoff Johns and the whole Green Lantern team. Books like Booster Gold, Secret Six, Doom Patrol, and others have these amazing tie in stories that don’t derail their own books but enhance them. This is a great example of solid creative direction looking globally. You don’t disenfranchise the fans of a monthly book with an event. You organically allow their world to echo what is happening in a way that makes sense for that title. This is the kind of creative direction that I want to continue for DC when tie ins feel right.

I am also loving that almost every series has their own major events happening within them. I am loving that each week, it’s not all about Blackest Night. I genuinely want to follow the major happenings of a variety of characters because there is something pretty major and exciting to get involved with. This adds to stories like Blackest Night for me because the diversity of flavors I am getting outside of that event just gets me pumped for the next chance to delve back into the happenings of that series.

Superman’s world is so interesting because there are so many cool threads with both him and his supporting cast. JSA has two titles that are heading in a very interesting direction that is bringing the superhero aspect back to both teams. Batman’s world is just insanely cool right now, where I find myself believing that Dick Grayson could continue carrying that role. I say this as a Bruce Wayne junkie. Don’t get me started on how cool the last year of Wonder Woman has been. This is just great creative direction where all of the eggs are not in one basket and somehow it is just making the comicy omelet so much more satisfying.

Geoff Johns is the perfect person to keep the diverse creativity going but also to make it feel like this universe is still interconnected. It’s a tricky balance but I feel 2009 was a step forward and I think 2010 will continue to push us to new and interesting places with these announcements.

Very cool!