Episode 271: The New DCU Begins here: Jim and Sean discuss Flashpoint #5 and Justice League #1 in depth. The new 52 begins now! NOTE: We also talk about some events from Lois Lane and the Resistance , Kid Flash Lost, and Project Superman casually.

Listener Voicemails from a new listener, Brandon, Matt, Mark and Martin.

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3:05 Preordering, midnight sales and Flashpoint #5 NOTE: We also talk about some events from Lois Lane and the Resistance , Kid Flash Lost, and Project Superman casually.

1:17:10 Justice League #1

2:24:35 Voicemails

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By DrNorge

12 thoughts on “Episode 271: The New DCU Begins here! We discuss Flashpoint #5 and Justice League #1 in depth”
  1. Hi guys! I’ve listened to your show for years now but I was MIA from comic books for the past couple of months due to work. I figured with the new DCU I could restart my Raging Bullets listening experience as well as my comic book reading experience.

    Regarding your last show, 271. I have a few comments. First, regarding the GL firetruck construct. If you pay attention when the truck first hits the parademon, the pieces are not flying out due to the crash, they are rather being put together. The evidence of this is that in the second panel the entire truck is in one piece (compare the back wheels in the first and second panel, in the first one they are detached from the truck, in the second panel they are joined).

    Second. I have to say Jim is right about the GPD policy of shooting first. They ask both GL and Batman to put their hands in the air and then immediately they fire. It’s only after they fire that GL puts up the shields. In that same page, the chatter between Batman and GL proves that GL is not used to being fired at. GL says to Batman that they are wasting their bullets, something that he wouldn’t otherwise say if he had been on the receiving end of this type of behaviour from authorities before. When Batman brings up GL’s “conflicts” with the Air Force, he is most likely meaning run ins in mid flight, not necessarily GL dealing with local police (otherwise, why would GL look surprised and make the wasting bullets comment to Batman?).

    Finally, regarding Batman’s and GL’s experience being super heroes. I think it shows that Batman has been doing this for a couple of years, somewhere between 2 and 5. He is still an urban legend so this puts him in the beginnings. I would say 2-3 years for me. GL has probably been in the GLC for about a year at most. He is very green (no pun intended) but he is and it shows in his behaviour, constructs and attitude.

    And one more thing. I know you guys don’t really fight when you argue, but please try to let some things go because while I enjoy the show, you guys tend to drag the most minuscule things out, like your conversation about GL and the “conflicts” comment by Batman. Please guys, not everything needs to be discussed. I know you’ve referenced this before but please guys, lets make room in the show for more discussion about the art, colours, etcetera.

    So, having said that, take care guys. I’m glad I’m back to reading comic books with the new DCU and back to listening Raging Bullets. Keep up the good work guys.


    PS. I love the website layout.

  2. First, thanks for the comments and for listening. We appreciate it.

    Terrific catch on the parademon getting hit by the truck. Looking back at the page, I completely agree. If you listen back, we speculated if it was one or the other.

    As far as Green Lantern and Batman, I honestly think you just made some of my point. The only panel where Green Lantern looks surprised is when he first meets Batman. The page where he is concentrating on the constructs, he looks confident and has his attention completely focused on Batman. There is no look of shock there so you are making my point.

    If he constructed those after the bullets were fired, both Batman and GL would have taken bullets. Green Lantern is not faster than a speeding bullet. He didn’t put up shields, he created constructs. Neither of them are in poses that indicate the just were hit by bullets. Even if you argue that Green Lanterns shields are a natural defense for him, Bruce would have taken bullet fire. I just don’t see that.

    All of this is fun to debate and argue out. It even got you to provide a comment here which seems to contradict your objection. Those discussions belong on the show because they are honest and true comic shop debates. They won’t be leaving the show. I do welcome you comments though because I truly enjoyed reading them. Sure those “arguments” get a little over the top and silly. (I agree Jim and I don’t really argue. We were both laughing about it between segments.) You need that sometimes when it comes from a point of passion for the material. It doesn’t matter who is right or wrong.

    I do agree with you that we don’t know Hal’s background with the Air Force. How aggressive were they? We just don’t know. I could be right, you could be right, Jim could be right. It’s fun to speculate because it was never actually put on the page. I don’t think you’ve proven that I was wrong. I also agreed on the show that Jim’s option was possible and that we were both speculating.

    Totally agree with you on the experience of Bruce and Hal. This was well written and drawn. I love that the story doesn’t tell us their experience. It’s their actions.

    Jim and I would love to talk more specifically about the technical end of the art. As we have shared on the show many times, we do not have technical art training. We read the book as fans. Many times the art brings about emotion and debates. Actually the debate on this episode was mainly from the fantastic art. It brought about strong feelings on what was actually happening in the action sequence but also the characters feelings on such events.

    We have been fortunate to get various members of the art team from various books on the show before. We plan to keep doing it from time to time to gain a greater understanding of art. I have a high respect for every creative level of comic creation. They do amazing things in a month.

    Any comments we make about the story and art come from genuine emotional reaction. I never want us to say “Geez, we better sneak another art comment in here”. In my mind that is a disservice to the art because it is forced and not genuine. All of our comments come from a genuine emotional point.

    Whether they are right or wrong, lol. Keep the comments coming. We may not agree on everything but there is nothing wrong with that. Much of what we are debating is off camera. So deep down who is honestly right? Who cares? But it sure is fun to chat about it.

  3. Hi Norge. I think I came off too hard on my comments, I didn’t mean it like that at all. Anyways, what you wrote: “Actually the debate on this episode was mainly from the fantastic art.”, that pretty much is spot on. While the art was great, it was the art itself that prompted some of the discussion, so I guess you do discuss the art, just not intentionally, lol.

    Anyway you do the show I enjoy it, keep it up and can’t wait for the rest of the books to hit this week.

  4. good show
    will you do weekly reviews now that the #1 are coming out?
    i much rather have it even if only for a couple of minutes than just doing recaps of entire story arcs.

  5. I honestly thought you meant it in the spirit of healthy debate and commentary. Keep the comments coming. Yours were well thought out so I was giving you a well thought out answer, lol,

  6. We’re going to do regular episodes on all the 52 until we cover each book. We have no plans to limit the conversation. We figured a month and a half to 2 months of shows will cover all the books. But we will cover each title.

  7. whats your pull list? and jims?
    I am curious to know if you guys pick up every book dc puts out there, if you do some books and trade the others or if you just dont read some…

    Also… what are your thoughts on digital comics? are you doing to go that route for some books?

    sorry if this has been addressed as i just discovered your show like a week ago

  8. forgot to mention my pull list… i will pick up all the #1 that come out and based on that decide which ones to keep getting. what do you think? good strategy?

  9. Jim and I both pick up the whole DCU. I am grabbing the New 52 through the digital store on DCBS’ web site. Jim is buying the paper copies.

  10. Action and JLI are in the past then. All the other books are in out present. I had just read detective and was unsure about the timeline. Good to know.

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