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Reminder: Ends March 23 at Midnight! 8 Year Anniversary Contest: Raging Oscars in 52!

We are celebrating our 8 year show anniversary at the end of March. We would love to have you be a part of it. Jim and I are holding a special Raging Oscars Episode at the end of the month. We decided to have a little fun in limiting ourselves to a set of rules. We will have a set series of categories but are only able to respond to in in 52 words or less. At the end of each round, we will have a 52 second rebuttal.

In discussing the episode, we thought it would be a great chance to have some fun by letting interested listeners join in. We will be giving away 3 trade paperbacks of choice to winning listeners from

In order to participate, send in your entry by calling into our show voicemail line. You can make a category of your choice shouting out something of note from the past year of comics. It must me 52 words or less. (You have to play by the same limits we do.) Another option would be to call in with something related to the show over the last 8 years in 52 words or less. Every voicemail counts as an entry and winners will be pulled randomly.

Please include your name and email address in the phone call. An alternative is to record your entry and send it to us via email to with “Raging Oscars Contest” as the subject heading. Enter as many times as you would like between now and March 23. We will announce the winners on our anniversary episode.

Anniversary Contest Details! (All Entries: Please let me know if I missed posting yours! We appreciate all of you!)

Entry from Mike Muraszko

RB300 Mike Muraszko-0

Entry from our friends at Proclaim Comics

Entry from Eli

Raging 300 Eli-Funny- Spoiler Warning

Entries from Silicon Wolf (Will be used on an upcoming show!)
Siliconwolf Spoiler Contest Entry

Siliconwolf Hall General Contest Entry

Siliconwolf Hall Anniversay Contest Entry





Entry from Louis Berdecia






Entry from Mark Vickers




Entry from Patrick Wolfinbarger

Entry from Tim Jones






Raging Bullets 300th Episode, 6 Year Anniversary Contest Rules

In March,  we are celebrating 6 years of the show and our 300th Episode. We have partnered with Discount Party Supplies ( to offer a special celebration package.

To enter: 300 shows and 6 years is a big happening for us. We want you to show your creativity and sense of humor.

Continue reading Anniversary Contest Details! (All Entries: Please let me know if I missed posting yours! We appreciate all of you!)

Summer Contest Entries are here! Winners will be announced on this week’s show! Updated for a missed entry!

NOTE: We had a really nice amount of participation here. Thank you so much. If there is any entry I am missing, please let me know.

Louis Berdecia


Eli Ganias

Not Easy Being Freeze

Neil Tomblin

Teemu Ruotsalainen

David Jones AKA Doc Quantum


Mark Vickers

Wonder Woman gets stuck in summer traffic and has to “hoof it”






What do Superheroes do during the summer? Blockbuster movies!






What do Superheroes do in the summer? COMIC CONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!











Lex Luthor Discusses the “Youthening” of DC Characters with someone who is good at Marketing to a younger audience.






Superman has trouble with being “Youthend”






After a long winter and busy spring, Superman decided to spend some time in the Sun working on his tan, and boy did he need it!
Before his Fun in the SUN






After the Fun in the Sun






Having had the pilot for her TV show dropped, Wonder Woman spends her Summer as a freelance photo journalist.






The Superheroes prepared for the New 52 by “Youthaning.” Unfortunately, the first attempt was a little off.











Jordan Bell song parody to the tune of “Surfin USA”

“Surfin’ DCU”surfin1

When it’s the middle of the summer

In the DCU

All of the heroes take a holiday

And all the villains too

They pack their capes and their power rings

Tights and golden lassos

And everybody goes surfin’

Surfin’ DCU

Clark’s playin’ fetch with Krypto

Around the moons of Mars

And Bruce is back in the Batcave

Pimpin’ up his cars

Jon’s out picking up Oreos

For the League BBQ

Everybody’s gone surfin’

Surfin’ DCU

Lex is lyin’ in the sun

Workin’ on his tan

And the beach is filled with laughter

From Joker’s lemonade stand

The Legionnaires are playing volleyball

Not a crisis in sight

The party lasts all through the day

And through the blackest night

From Atlantis to Metropolis

Thanagar to Rann

In the streets of Gotham City

And Dinosaur Island

From Apokolips to Oa

And Themyscira too

Everybody’s gone surfin’

Surfin’ DCU

Everybody’s gone surfin’

Surfin’ DCU

Everybody’s gone surfin’

Surfin’ DCU

5 Year Anniversary Contest! Deadline Extended to April 15th! Updated with entries!

Details: Celebrate 5 years of Raging Bullets by having some fun with the show.

You can create spoiler warnings, banners, poems, songs, “Where’s Whatnot Now’s”, clip collections, cartoon parodies, and anything else that comes to mind. These can be serious or humorous.

Update: Here are the initial entries

By Eli Ganias

Kind of Deal


By Joel Eustice

251 vm contest entry parody

251 vm contest entry parody 2

By Mike Muraszko

Continue reading 5 Year Anniversary Contest! Deadline Extended to April 15th! Updated with entries!

Sensei Snuggie Caption Contest Entries and Winners!



I want to start off by thanking all of the participants.  This contest was extremely fun and you were all creative! We are very lucky to have the audience that we do!

Grand Prize: Mark Vickers

The Super Snuggie…for when you want the physique of superman without any effort.

First Runner up: Richard A. Vorpe

 “What more can red Kryptonite do to me!”

Second Runner up: Stephen King

…snnzz… tomorrow… I’ll leap tall buildings tomorrow. yeah, that’s the ticket….

All Entries are below! Continue reading Sensei Snuggie Caption Contest Entries and Winners!