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Entry from our friends at Proclaim Comics


Entry from Eli

Raging 300 Eli-Funny- Spoiler Warning

Entries from Silicon Wolf (Will be used on an upcoming show!)
Siliconwolf Spoiler Contest Entry

Siliconwolf Hall General Contest Entry

Siliconwolf Hall Anniversay Contest Entry





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Raging Bullets 300th Episode, 6 Year Anniversary Contest Rules

In March,  we are celebrating 6 years of the show and our 300th Episode. We have partnered with Discount Party Supplies (http://www.discountpartysupplies.com) to offer a special celebration package.

To enter: 300 shows and 6 years is a big happening for us. We want you to show your creativity and sense of humor.

Choose from any of the themes of 300, 6 years, or Anniversary. You can draw, record, write:

1) What your favorite hero or villain would do to celebrate or even ruin our anniversary

2) A parody of any of the show’s episodes, themes or topics. This can include but is not limited to making your own spoiler warning, show intro, etc.

3) Create “bullets” for between show segments

4) Create an article or review of a favorite book or topic you want to shout out that we covered so far or that you wish we had or will down the road.

5) Any other creative way you want to celebrate or have fun with our upcoming anniversary. (We want this to be purposely open ended so anyone can enter.)

NOTE: You can enter as many times as you wish before the end of February. We will randomly pick from the available entries for the prizes below.

First prize will be a trade paperback of the winner’s choosing from instocktrades.com and a Green Lantern Party Package from Discount Party Supplies. This package includes a green table cover, Green Lantern Balloon, set of 4 Green Lantern Glow in the Dark Rings, Green Lantern Stickers, Green and Black Streamers, A package of black and a package of green balloons, 8 Green Lantern Invitations, 8 Green Lantern Plates, 8 Green Lantern Napkins, 8 Green Lantern Cups, 8 Green Lantern Blowouts, 24 candles and plastic cutlery.

Second Prize and Third Prize gets a choice from our listener and show donated comic and trade prize bag.

Entries due by the last day of February in any time zone and should be emailed to ragingbullets@gmail.com with the heading “300th Contest”. Recorded entries may be sent in via our show voicemail line at 1-440-388-4434 or drnorge on Skype.

By DrNorge

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