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Ok, gotta rant a bit about how good the Flash looks. I love that the focus is getting us back to a Flash monthly. This really looks to be exactly what Flash storytelling is all about, faced paced action, jugging the real issues of life in a superhero world, and fun visual adventure.

 I am a Flash nut. Mark Waid brought me to the dance when he took over Wally’s book. I liked it so much that I went back and got all of the issues from issue 1. My exposure to Barry was appearances in that book, Justice League, Crisis, and team ups. That being said, I am extremely Barry happy right now. I want to read more of his past stories. Johns is a master at pulling great concepts from the past, staying true to them, yet making them relevant again.

I really like that Barry’s M.O. is hope. It’s great to have a character that inspires that and I hope that continues to be a focus of his series. There is something different about the accessibility of the Flash world and this art reminds me that a city with a Flash living in it, is a place you want to call home. It just looks cool. This series can’t be released soon enough for me.

Detective Comics: This is a great example of another consistently beautiful book that has rotated from one visually stylish art team to another. Rucka is crafting a great story here with Batman and Batwoman’s current cases bringing them together. This just feels like great bat universe storytelling. It’s crime drama, detective work, great character development and a gritty look that just feels right for these characters. The preview pages look amazing. Gotta give major props to friend of the show David Baron, who really understands the mood and tone of Gothamesque storytelling from Batman Confidential. He also understand how to grab what Jock is bringing about emotionally in the visuals. I am looking very forward to this.

The Source Blog from DC has been really kicking into overdrive the past few months with preview art at various stages and I hope this continues to be the norma and increases. I literally visit daily.

Side Note: I am running Windows 7 and whatever operating system you are using, if you have the ability to rotate desktop wallpaper, the Source has been a great way to get some amazing comic art previews as desktop backgrounds.

Sean “DrNorge” Whelan

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