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I have a real purpose for making sure everyone knows when I’m writing this entry. A short time ago, I saw the preview on Newsarama.com for Final Crisis #6. And now all I can think is…wow, if that’s the first five pages, I’m genuinely stoked for what the rest of the issue holds. And even as I finished reading the preview, I tried in vain to click to the next page, knowing that I could click it all I wanted but would not get to see the next pages until the blessed comic book arrived in my mail box, hopefully by Friday. Let’s just hope that I have it by the time you read this, and that I haven’t lost hope and started searching around the Internet for spoilers on what happened. Yes, it has me that excited.

It’s all about the Legion right now, isn’t it?

That part about the stars aligning for Jimmy Olsen back in October was a coincidence, right? Well, it looks like it’s happened again. We just experienced the amazingness that is Geoff Johns’ “Legion” episode (no, it hasn’t actually aired at the time that I’m writing this, but come on…it’s Geoff Freaking Johns), the final issue of The Legion of Super-Heroes (issue #50) hits newsstands in a couple weeks, Adventure Comics, starring the Legion, will be dropping soon…I think you get the point.

It’s interesting to me that a team book is losing its title, but gets this kind of a push. The “Legion” episode, the re-booting of Adventure—we can even talk about Legion of 3 Worlds and all the recent appearances in Action Comics if we wanted.

Personally, I like all these pushes DC seems to be giving to its properties and how they’re stretching it beyond the comic books themselves. Even before the Smallville episode airs, there is talk about a possible Legion live-action spin-off series, which would fit in nicely should this truly be the last season of Smallville.

A Call for Suggestions

Anyone who has been reading this column from the beginning, or has at least read the introduction, knows that my love affair with comics is fairly new. Most of the trades I have are of fairly recent story arcs, with the exception of some Superman trades from around the time of Y2K.

So here’s my call: Suggest some reading to me. What are some of the definitive trades or collected editions in the DC Universe? Please, suggest anything and everything. I’m ready to broaden my horizons.

You can e-mail your suggestions, comments, or questions to me at gutterlife@gmail.com

Thanks again for reading.

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