Why some Smallville fans want to see the show in line with DC Continuity (my opinion)

In response to the discussion that Jim and Sean had in Episode 148 during their “Legion” discussion, I wanted to give my opinion on why a fan might want to see Smallville fall in line with DC continuity. I’ve talked about this in reference to Chloe (in my October 12, 2008 blog post) and how she could possibly fit into the DC Universe without compromising the character that has been solidified on the show.

My solution was simple: make Smallville a part of the DC Multiverse, allowing the introduction of original characters and recognition of the events that have sometimes stumped long-time comic book fans that could not get past the changes made by the show’s creative team simply because “that wasn’t how it really happened.”

And Sean honestly asked a good question. Why does Smallville need to be part of continuity as opposed to being considered its own work?

Let me try to answer this question the best way I know how, as someone who has watched the show from the very beginning. One of the best proponents of the show has been the re-imagining of the Superman mythology for a new generation. They introduced Clark Kent and Lex Luthor as friends, created the characters of Chloe Sullivan and Lionel Luthor—two characters who were at times more popular than some of the more established and storied characters on the show—and asked quite a few of those “what if” questions. And isn’t that the basis for the Multiverse in the first place?

It seems to me that people either like Smallville or they don’t. Those who don’t most often cite reasons like “it’s not supposed to happen that way” and “the real Clark Kent would never do that.” Exactly. As part of the Multiverse, the changes in events and the changes in Clark Kent’s (and others’) characters can be justified. It’s not like there’s not any room at the Inn.

Trust me, I would still like to see Smallville used as a jumping off point for a new movie franchise, though the reasons are completely different (the thought of Tom Welling in tights is plenty reason for me). But at the same time, movies aren’t the same as having a connection with the source material and having a hand in creating that source material. In a way, including Smallville in the Multiverse creates a sense of justification for all the people who stuck with the show for however many seasons it ends up lasting. It says that we’re thinking outside the box and coming up with new possibilities for stories. And when it comes down to it, using the show as a jumping off point for the new movie franchise can only create so many stories. Including it in the Multiverse though, would open up a whole new realm of possibilities for stories, especially since the show’s producers have taken to introducing so many new characters from the DC universe in recent years. They might not be able to swing getting a young Bruce Wayne, Hal Jordan, or Princess Diana on the show right now because of movie rights and other legal issues, but that wouldn’t be a problem if the Smallville universe was a bona fide part of the Multiverse.

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By Mandy Stegall

By DrNorge

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