Jimmy Olsen for President?

Okay, so maybe not. But after re-watching an episode of Smallville (“Identity,” which aired on October 30) I started to wonder if there was a major “We Love Jimmy” campaign going on between the writers of Smallville and the editors over at DC comics.

You see, about the same time that the Jimmy Olsen Special hit comic book stores, The CW aired an episode showing off Jimmy’s ability to do research and be a real investigative reporter. And what was the Special all about? Well, it was about him making a name for himself without relying on Lois and Clark, of course!

Coincidence? I think not.

Even if Jimmy was put off the trail by Clark in “Identity,” it still showed that he had the chops to be a reporter. Sure, we all know that he was right in identifying Clark as the “Red and Blue Blur,” but that’s not the point. And the way he went about figuring it out? Classic. Even though he is portrayed as roughly being the same age as Clark on the show, his copy and errand boy enthusiasm was shining through in a way that was very reminiscent of comic book Jimmy.

And by this time, we probably all know that the purpose of the Special in the comics was to build Jimmy up for the period of time after New Krypton when Superman is off Earth and his main title is left in the hands of his supporting characters. I’m sure Jimmy got a nice pat on the back from Perry for bringing the Guardian out of hiding and getting the story.

But still, I’m of the mind that the two events might have been brought to the public on purpose. And if they were, score one point for the new executive producers on Smallville for finding a way to bridge the sometimes wide gap between the show and the comics.

Teen Titans Recruitment Drive

I’m sure any reader of Teen Titans knows about this as well, as issue #66 hit this last Wednesday. I haven’t read it yet (it should be arriving from DCBS first of the week), but from the looks of it, Bombshell might be sticking around. And from the looks of the cover, Spoiler might also be around.

But how much of Robin’s solo storyline, as well as what has recently happened in RIP, feeds into Teen Titans? If they stay true to the other books, then Spoiler has much to answer for if Robin is able to trust her enough for her to be a Titan. And if she does become a member, I can see some awkward moments ahead between Steph and Cassie.

Can’t say that I know much about Static, other than he’s going to stick.

Personally, I would love to see Speedy/Mia join back up with the Titans. I really enjoyed reading her in Green Arrow and Black Canary, but I really think she will shine and have the chance to grow more as a character out from under the watchful eye of her “parents.” And who knows? Maybe Dodger can show up and help out from time to time. I would be up for that.

It’s not DC, but…

Oh, how I wish it was. I am positively in love with The Umbrella Academy. I read Apocalypse Suite in trade, but now the Dallas story arc is under way and I’m able to enjoy the story as it unfolds. And as it turns out, I’m enjoying it immensely. I have a whole new respect for Mr. Gerard Way. I was somewhat of a My Chemical Romance fan before I even knew that he wrote comic books, but now I have great affection for him as an artist.

And now comes the news that Umbrella Academy might be making its way to the big screen in the near future. Hell yeah, man! I can’t wait to see how they incorporate Pogo and their mother, the animated mannequin.

Regardless, it’s new and fresh. So if you’re looking for a book outside of the DC Universe, by all means look over to Dark Horse and check out the Umbrella Academy.

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