JokerFish: Plotlines, Story Twists and Whatnot

Hey there, fellow Bulleteers… okay, I’m never calling us Bulleteers again. This is Richard, aka. Lantern Savage from the forums, aka. That Jerk Who Won The Character Impression Contest.

So I’m looking at this box of comics David Baron sent all the way here to New Zealand, and I’m feeling kinda guilty. There’s a lot of books here that I haven’t read, or hadn’t even thought about reading. One or two I didn’t even know existed. So hey, I thought, why not at least give back to the rest of the Bullets community by reviewing some of these books (while simultaneously hoping that no one thinks I’m trying to gloat about the awesomeness of this box!).

With that in mind… welcome to JokerFish™!

A quick look at my history in comics might help to explain any ridiculous/misguided/awesome opinions I express in the following reviews, so here goes…I’ve been a Batmaniac ever since I was about 5 or 6 (read: 1989), and I saw the first Tim Burton Batman movie. It didn’t, however, spur me on to a childhood of comic book reading. As a late-eighties kid in a mid-sized city in New Zealand, there weren’t a lot of comic book stores around. Even now, most magazine stores where I live will have maybe a handful of titles, but are usually happy to order whatever you’re looking for (for a price). There wasn’t a huge comic culture at school, though I remember X-Men and Wolverine being popular when I was at primary/grade school. Even so, my comic book knowledge initially came from cartoons, movies, video games and trading cards.

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