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New show Monday Night 2 episodes this week

Hey all,

I am editing a couple of episodes together for this week. We have a current DC Comic chat on both, some panels from C2E2, and more. War of the Green Lanterns will be the main segment on tomorrow’s show.

At conventions, we also make friends with some independent creators and chat with them. We’ll air these as well. This makes for a nice mix of the convention experience.

The first of these two episodes will air Monday Night with the second later in the week around Thursday.

Thanks for your patience.

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BATTLEPUG is coming soon! A web comic by Mike Norton and Allen Passalaqua

Allen Passalaqua has been an amazing friend to the show and Mike Norton is an incredibly talented artist.  Both have been associated with many comics that have been show favorites over the years. They are working on something that looks very fun called Battlepug! It launches later this month. Check it out and bookmark it.

I also posted a link in our “Web Comics” section on the site.

New show up this weekend

Hey all,

Jim and I recorded some great interviews this week with Jim Calafiore and Freddie E. Williams II. It’s the week of my 40th b-day so I haven’t had a chance to edit. I will start editing Friday. If I can finish Friday night, the show will be posted then. If not, it will be Saturday at the latest. Thanks for your patience.

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4th November show up tomorrow!

Due to the holiday weekend, I need one more day for the show. Our last show of November airs tomorrow night. I need to put together a listener voicemail segment and edit the show.

We are joined by David Baron to discuss his work on Detective Comics 871.

Myron Rumsey joins us for GLC, Brightest Day and GL.

We had a great time with this one.

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New show mid week

Hey Everyone,

This is my report card week but I have also been fighting a flu bug. We’ll definitely have a show this week but it will be mid week. My goal is Wednesday night. It’ll only be Thursday if editing takes longer than I think.

Thanks for your patience. We have more from NYCC, lots of new comic chat which will include Superman Earth One and plenty more.

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New episode Tuesday or Wednesday due to Labor Day

My original plan was to release an episode today. Due to family gatherings and preparing for teaching this week, Jim and I are recording on Tuesday. If I can edit and release Tuesday night, I will. Otherwise, it will hit on Wednesday.

We will be doing the second Speeding Bullets show on books from the past few weeks. There will also be listener voicemails.

After this, we have our Gail Simone spotlight, and Batman:The Cult.

I am really pumped for the next few shows. We have put a lot of prep into them.

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