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DC’s Second Wave! Poll and comments!

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I was really thrilled to hear the announcements today of the next wave of New 52 titles.

Batman Inc. was no shock because of the recent one shot and news of Morrison’s new series wrapping up his take on Batman. I am really excited for this. Leviathan Strikes was VERY satisfying.

Earth 2 is a series that I have been drooling for. I am a huge JSA fan. I didn’t know exactly what direction they were going with this but this is totally going beyond my expectations. I love the multiple Earth concept. I am going to be curious to see if this is an established team on that planet or if we will see an origin of the team. I am fine either way. These characters are missed. You couldn’t as for a better creative team of James Robinson and Nicola Scott. BTW: Read the Shade mini if you haven’t checked it out.

World’s Finest was a surprise. When I heard the title, I naturally assumed Batman and Superman. This is a much better and fresh choice. I am not sure if this is going to be the Huntress from the current mini. I am not sure if she is from our Earth or Earth 2. I can’t wait to see beautiful artwork from George Perez and Kevin Maguire. Power Girl is a favorite character of mine since the 70’s. Paul Levitz is the perfect choice for this book. I am glad they are using this book to link the two worlds and hopefully it will bring some fans to both titles. Don’t miss this! I am excited for all of the announced books but Earth 2 and this title top my list.

Dial H: I am not familiar with China Mieville but am excited to get to know this writer through Dial H. I didn’t read the original series bur I did enjoy Hero by Will Pfeifer. I am anxious to see a new take on this concept as it sounds cool. I am glad DC is mixing solid classic characters with some of their lesser known properties. I like the variety. It makes my weekly pull list much more exciting.

G.I. Combat: I really have been enjoying Man of War. With that book being cancelled at issue 8, I am glad another war title is taking it’s place. The creative teams in this title look very solid. Plus it offers a new jumping on point for a potential audience.

The Ravagers: The thematic crossover between Superboy and Teen Titans is really growing on me. It took me some time because I was a fan of both previous versions. The timing is right to take a look at what happens to some of the other kids who have been captured along the way. It makes sense that not all of them would go the same route as the new Teen Titans.

Justice League poll: Your thoughts 3 issues in!

DC Nation Promo

If you missed this, check it out. I am really excited about this because they aren’t just focused on animation but all of the DC properties. I think this can only be good for comics in general. This is really a potential step in the right direction for the industry. Side note: If you aren’t watching Young Justice or haven’t seen Green Lantern’s animated series, check those out. They are incredible.

Justice League #1 Poll: Tell us what you thought?

Anyone hitting the midnight sale tomorrow?

I just learned that Comic Heaven in Willoughby, Ohio is having the midnight sale for the DCU release of JLA and Flashpoint 5. I am definitely going. Is anyone else hitting it at their local? I think the buzz around this is just plain awesome!

Link to Comic Heaven:

New DC: The New 52 Extended Commercial and site update.

This just looks plain awesome. I am thrilled at seeing such promotion for comics. I think any buzz is good for the industry as a whole.

The site will have issues for the next few days as they migrate us over to a new server. I will post when everything is normal again.

Flashpoint 5 and Justice League of America 1 getting midnight releases.

I just came across this when I was editing the show. I think this is terrific news. This is usually reserved for a major motion picture, video game release or Harry Potter. I hope this is an exciting trend that is successful and continues. I would love to see comics continue to gain this attention.