Episode 500 will be recorded this week on Monday or Thursday. Beyond that, Jim and I have made some plans for back to back recordings to get the show back on track while enjoying a look at storylines. We love the podcast and are committed to continue bringing you regular content.

Episode 500: 6 Golden Age classics discussed that comprise of the first appearances of each member of DC’s Trinity, Robin, JSA (as a team) and more.

Detective 27, 38
Batman Origin
Robin Origin

Action Comics 1

All Star Comics 3
Complete issue

All Star Comics 8 (Wonder Woman Story Only)

Sensation Comics 1 (Full issue)

Episode 501 and 502 (Recorded back to back)

Wonder Woman, Dark Days the Casting and Batwoman

Episode 503 and 504 (Recorded Back to Back)

Batgirl and Batgirl and the Birds of Prey

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