The past couple of weeks have had me swamped with college obligations. I am wrapping up the principal licensure program in April which will ease up some of the erratic show releases. I truly thank you all for your patience. I have been working on the show each day.

Today, I have a large block that I can devote and the next two releases will both be edited to get us back on track. I will release the interview with Freddie E. Williams in the next hour or two. Interviews take me quite a bit longer to edit but wind up being well worth it.

I also want to shout out the Staunch Ambition #2 Kickstarter. I am a big fan of the first issue. The Kickstarter is new reader friendly, as you can get issue 0,1 and 2 in various different options. Brian Lau is a very nice guy so please consider checking it out by clicking here.

By DrNorge

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