Back from vacation and beginning work on editing episode 400. It will be up by the weekend!

Episode line up:

400: We were joined by friend of the show Art Lyon to do some commentary track style discussions on 3 films that are traditionally considered “Bad DC Cinema”. Part 1 will be an indepth look at Superman IV. Note: We recorded the first two parts of this but are releasing them separately for flexibility on the different ways listeners might want to enjoy this.

401: Comic chat Batgirl 33 and Robin Rises

402: Part 2 of our look at “Bad DC Cinema”: Batman and Robin

403: Pop Culture and Whatnot with Chad Cicconi and Fracture

Coming Soon:

Green Lantern Catchup Part 2: Supergirl, Red Lanterns, Sinestro

Recent comic catchup (Lots of cool stuff to talk about)

Catwoman the Movie Part 3 of our Anniversary Celebration

Fall TV preview

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