Hey Everyone,
We recorded episode 400 tonight with friend of the show, Art Lyon. It is midnight and we literally just wrapped up. It will force a 1 day delay on 398. We are recording content ahead of time due to upcoming vacations for Sean and Jim so we keep regular content coming. The confirmed line up:

Episode 398: Freddie E. Williams II and Brain Boy for tomorrow night.

Episode 399: Green Lantern 33, Green Lantern Corps 33, New Guardians 32, and Grayson 1 (recorded and up next week)

Episode 400: An over 4 hour celebration of bad DC cinema with Superman IV (watch it with the film for added fun) and Batman and Robin (Watch it with the film for added fun)

Episode 401: Supergirl, Red Lanterns, Sinestro, and Batgirl

Coming soon:

Death of Superman


More current comics episodes

Catwoman commentary track episode

Fall TV preview

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