We are partners with DC Infinite. http://dcinfinite.com


Ok, A little bit of a surprise here but we wanted to share some good news. Ed is a part of a really cool site called DC Infinite. Ed was associated with DC Comics News. As we got to talking, we thought it would be great to link ourselves more closely so we’d have a DC news source associated with the show. Check it out! Jim and I will be announcing it when we record tomorrow! Ed and I thought it would be awesome to use this community as the discussion group for the site and our podcast to make it easier for cross traffic from both.

Also, we are going to be promoting it as a podcasting/fan community. The Blog of OA/Podcast of OA and other DC related podcasts are also a part of this group. We are looking forward to a fantastic year!

I will be adding some more direct links to their site over the next 24 hours.

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