Hey Everyone,

I wanted to give a quick update. As I posted here previously, my mother is very ill. I wanted to quickly thank everyone for their support. She only has what appears to be days left and she is being well cared for by fabulous doctors and nurses. I do want to say that she has always been my biggest support when it comes to reading. She always made sure I had access to books, comics, the library, etc. As a kid, she would give me gifts of comic subscriptions and bought comics for me whenever we would hit a local convenience store. (This was before a local comic shop.) There is so much I could say about how supportive she has been throughout my life. I have been very lucky to have her. I am sure everyone reading this has been luck enough to have people who have supported them throughout their life in a variety of endeavors. I encourage you to make sure you thank them regularly.

On the show side of things, I really want to get in another August recording. I love talking comics with all of you and that will happen. If possible, I’d like to sneak in two. Comics have always been a wonderful medium of escapist fiction for me and I really could use that right now. I am sure all of you can relate. September will gradually be a return to normal for the show. I will post here to keep you updated.

I consider the audience and community friends and really want to thank you for how supportive so many of you have been over the last 7 years of my mother’s cancer battle. You may not have known it but so many times this podcast has been there for me when I needed to shift focus. I hope on some level it has been there for you as well. I can’t wait to do more!

Thanks again,


By DrNorge

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