I just wanted to thank everyone for 7 years of support. Raging Bullets started 7 years ago today with an experiment to see what titles would bring a non reader into comics. It turned quickly into a love for talking about what is great about comics!

From the first recording to today, we’ve been very fortunate to have gained an audience base of terrific friends. I just wanted to take this time to thank everyone who has ever listened to our show on any level, been a guest, posted something about the show, and really has supported us on any level. We never thought we would still be doing this after 7 years but we are thrilled that we are fortunate to have such an amazing support base.

Our celebration will be happening on two levels.

1) Episode 346 is our next recording. It’ll be this year’s version of the Raging Oscars. We have been working the past few weeks to take a line by line look at DC’s New 52. We hope this will feel like a solid comprehensive overview on our thoughts and feelings so far.

2) Episode 350 will be a look at the work of Frank Miller and will focus on Batman Year One, Dark Knight Returns, and Dark Knight Strikes Again. We might casually talk about All Star Batman and Robin depending on time but we did cover it in the past on the show so we want to focus heavily on the 2 stories mentioned here as they are new to the podcast. We will also look at the animated features spinning off these stories. I am anticipating this being a two parter.

Thanks again for the amazing support. We deeply appreciate all of you.

By DrNorge

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