Episode 345 will be up Monday or Tuesday: Juan Castro and Darrell Taylor join us and more.

Hey Everyone,
This week is the end of the quarter at my school so I have a lot of work to finish professionally. I am editing the show as I take breaks. My plan is to release the new episode Monday Night. If it is not ready, it will be up Tuesday at the latest.

Episode 345 will be Darrell Taylor and inker Juan Castro joining us to discuss Juan’s work on the Arrow digital comic and Batwing. We are also joined by Jim’s niece who discusses her love for comics and Batgirl in particular.

In other show news, the Raging Oscars will be episode 346. We plan to have commentary on the entire line and use it as a New 52 overview of thoughts, likes, dislikes and wishes.

We have big plans this month. Thanks for joining us!

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