Jim and I have been discussing the themed shows we want to do in order to touch on the events in the DC plus books that we haven’t visited in awhile.

Here’s the tentative outline:

334 Bat Books Part 1: We look at Batman 0, 15 and Batgirl 0, 14 and 15

335 Pop Culture and Whatnot Show 2 : Gaming chat (bonus show)

336 and 337 Bat Books Part 2 and 3: Nightwing, Batwing, Catwoman, Red Hood and the Outlaws, Teen Titans, Batman Inc, Detective Comics, Batman the Dark Knight, and Suicide Squad

338 Year End Wrap

339, 340, 341 Green Lantern Books, Superman Books, Justice League, Aquaman

342, 343 Earth 2, World’s Finest, Deathstroke, Hawkman, Green Arrow

By DrNorge

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