Episode 255: This episode: We are once again joined by long time friend of the show Art Lyon in the second of two episodes. On this show, we chat about recent episodes of Smallville, the character growth and development on the show, how the multiverse concept plays into the show and FlashPoint, comic events and so much more.

We also chat about Superman renouncing his citizenship in Action Comics 900 and how we feel about it. Note: There is a poll on the web site. Feel free to cast your vote.

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3:17 Art Lyon chats Smallville

1:13:10 Superman’s Citizenship

2:23:20 Finn shares his favorite DC Character

2:28:35 Show Closing (Hawkman song by friends of the show “Wednesday Heroes”) http://wednesdayheroes.com/wordpress/

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Art Lyon


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By DrNorge

2 thoughts on “Episode 255 is up: Smallville, Art Lyon,Superman’s Citizenship and more!”
  1. Civil War changed nothing for long. It is right back due to the movies. And Bendis. Anything Final Crisis did was reversed right away. Ok. Now we have two batmen?? A batgirl? A batwoman? Two robins? Maybe three…. Three or Four Flashes? How many GLs??? Nothing seems new. How many of each do they need? Johns needs a vacation. Heh. And the second to last episode of Smallville had Lois get super powers? Could they not do any better? They just gave up. And Sean… You have always yelled at Jim for NOT wanting this in an Elseworlds story. What changed your mind?

  2. Correction: I said that I didn’t feel that Smallville needed to be a part of the DC Universe. It was fine being it’s own universe. I said I never felt the need for it to be part of the 52 worlds. I don’t care if they make it part of the multiverse but I think it works better as it’s own thing.

    The Lois story was about much more than her getting Super Powers. I’d rewatch that and see how it is leading into much of the two hour show. I am confused how that episode looks like them giving up when it was the first time they approach Jor El to approve their marriage and it was Clark’s closure from being under the guidance/rough issues of his Kryptonian father.

    What was reversed from Final Crisis? Everything in Final Crisis still happened in DC History. Batman still died, Barry still returned, and Darkseid was still defeated. BTW: Damien is the only Robin. While Barry, Wally and Jay are Flashes: Jay has a major role difference. Wally is semi retired with his family. Barry is the main DC Flash. The Green Lantern Corps concept is part of the history of that character. It’s silly to fault them.

    Civil War is a rich and exciting part of Marvel’s history. It did happen and did cause major changes for the characters. Just because many of them have evolved to to events that have followed doesn’t mean that there aren’t still changes. Are you really saying the Marvel Universe is no different than it was before Civil War?

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