4/30/11 UPDATE: I am finishing up some clean up in my house due to this week’s issues and then I will do some heavy work on the show. I will have a release up for our fourth April show tonight. Thanks again for the kind words and patience.


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Hey Everyone,

Northeast Ohio got hit pretty bad this past week with flooding and power outages. Unfortunately this affected my home. I just received power back this evening so have had no chance to complete editing the show. The other snag I have is that my basement flooded due to the heavy rains and a sump pump failure. The good news is that I am getting it under control but it will delay the podcast release.

We will still have a 4th April Episode. I am hoping to have it posted tomorrow night. I am editing the show in between rotating fans and cleaning the floors so am starting to make some progress.

The happy news is that Art Lyon gave us a fantastic episode and it will be worth the wait. Thanks for your patience.


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