I originally started writing this Saturday night, after my first day at the convention.  I got back from McCormick Place, got out my notes, booted up my laptop, and wrote a good five paragraphs.  And then, I fell asleep.

Now, I’ve taken a couple of days and digested everything I saw and heard and feel like I can give everyone a better picture of what went down in Chicago this past weekend.

First of all, I think C2E2 is shaping up to be a great show that will only continue to improve as years go by.  This year the show was held in the West Building as opposed to the Lakeside Center (where it was last year).  While Lakeside had that wonderful view of Lake Michigan, it apparently also gave off a hellacious glare once the afternoon rolled around that was distracting both to artists and the public in general.  The West Building allowed for everything to be more spread out though, making sure there was something for everyone and that it wasn’t cramped into one specific space.

I didn’t get to attend all of the DC panels, but I really enjoyed the ones I did get to see.  Paul Cornell shared in the DC Icons panel that thought bubbles have returned to Superman, but I’m going to actually save my opinion for another column, which will probably be up later this week.

As much as I’m carefully measuring which Batman books I read right now, DC really has me excited for the Gates of Gotham mini that’s coming up soon. I am interested to see Cassandra Cain and possibly get an insight as to why so many people love her character.  She has never really been a prominent player for the length of time that I’ve been reading comics, so my exposure to her has been limited.

I don’t understand why so many people are against Wonder Woman wearing pants.  Dan DiDio said many times over the course of the weekend that DC was focusing on “moving forward.”  Well, this is just one prime example of that.  Am I a huge fan of the storyline that dictated her costume change?  No, not particularly.  But, I understand why they felt the need to make some changes to the costume.  I like the adjustments, and I frankly see more of a warrior in her now than I did in the classic costume.

DiDio had some interesting points during the Icons panel.  He said that “everyone has preconceived notions on what our characters stand for.  If we put them on a pedestal they become symbols and stop being characters…redefining [our characters] is what’s most exciting.”  See, now that’s what I like to hear.  I like to hear the people we trust with our favorite characters say they’re willing to take chances for the sake of moving the characters forward so they don’t become dormant.  If changing up what they wear is part of that, then I’m all for it.

Now here is where I contradict myself to a degree.  I believe I lashed out at one point over the weekend when someone suggested changing Superman’s costume.  I very vehemently expressed my disinterest in anything like that happening.  But after thinking it over carefully, if Superman started to perhaps start running around saving the day in something like what the Blur on Smallville wears now, I would initially be thrown off by it but I would learn to deal with it.  Having a specific reason for changing his work clothes after so many years would make it easier.

That’s all for now, but I have more on the way since I’m on Spring Break this week.  I recorded with Sean and Jim over the weekend, talking about the Drawing DC panel and some other Flashpoint-related items, so I’m going to try and steer clear of those topics.

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