This has the potential to be a good thing. I am hoping that it will be used to promote and share information about the print medium as well. A block of programming woulf give them a chance to talk about comics that inspired or spin out of certain programming, while supporting video game and direct to dvd franchises as well.

Currently, I am loving Smallville, Batman Brave and the Bold, Young Justice, and Human Target. I think it is great to see some really cool DC related programming. I want to see expansions of this with the emphasis on quality.

Video games like Arkham Asylum and DC Universe Online have been great opportunities to get immersed into the comic book world. I know there was mention of a Suicide Squad, Green Lantern, and Arkham City set of games. Again, the focus needs to be on quality that truly represents the properties. I do believe if you get people excited about the properties, it will bleed over into comics. I know it might not be immediate but some very good friends of mine have recently been pulled into comics from many of the franchises on television, film and gaming.

It almost goes without saying that this announcement has me excited. It could be a very good experience for linking a variety of fans together and expanding brand awareness, if handled correctly.

By DrNorge

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