The FlashPoint Build Continues: Give us your thoughts!

The week ended in a very cool way with some awesome previews of FlashPoint on the Source. This is an event that has gotten me more excited over time. Initially, I had no idea it would be so far reaching. I assumed it would be just a Flash Family story.

The more I am seeing though, the more I want to dive deep into this changing world. I am curious to see if any of the characters from the event make it back to our continuity. My excitement and interest is growing. How do you feel?

Check out some of the previews below

One thought on “The FlashPoint Build Continues: Give us your thoughts!

  1. I am looking forward to Flashpoint but have decided to pick up only the main story, then pick up the
    the minis that interest me from a story, character or creators point of view.
    The interesting thing I have picked up from talking to other comic fans in our local shop is this is the approach most of them are taking, there was also some concern that this was maybe one major event too far, a opinion I do not share but it doesn’t make the ones who have it wrong.
    The shop owner told me that 98% of pre-orders on Flashpoint were for the main story with interest in the minis varying on the character, his main concern was on how many copies of the minis he would need to order over the definite pre-orders he would get. His take is he would order more copies of the major characters that he knows should do well, ie Batman, Superman, Green Lantern.
    But at the end of the day it would be a suck it and see situation.

    What I personally hope from Flashpoint is an event as good if not better than Blackest Night which for me is the greatest event I have ever read, and as I approach my 50th year and have been reading comics since as long as I can remember I have read a lot.
    So give Flashpoint a go whether it is one book or all of them all, as I honestly believe this is one of the best times to be reading comics.

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