I had no idea this show was being produced. I know the Spider-man show has had it’s share of mishaps. I truly hope they get worked out because I like the idea that comic properties are taking a “swing” at a variety of mediums. (Yes, I am even groaning at my poor joke, lol.)

As a kid, I remember Sea World having the various DC Comics characters in a water show. I am hoping this winds up being well produced because I would be very excited to see a Batman performance live on stage.  Your thoughts?

By DrNorge

3 thoughts on “Batman Live Storyline Announced!”
  1. When this was first announced this show was described as an “auditorium show” as opposed to a “stage show.” Because of that I’ve always assumed this would be a family show like “Elmo Live” or “The Backyardigans Live.” Not aimed at a toddler audience like those shows, of course, but something ypu could bring an eight-year-old child to and he/she would not be bored. I hope my initial assumption was correct. The last thing we need is an overly pretentious Batman Live.

  2. I heard about this a while back, and I think it has the potential to be either really awesome, or a complete trainwreck like Spider-Man: Turn Off The Sense.

  3. I have had my eye on this for a while, we have tour dates confirmed over here in the UK from 19th July through to 8th October.
    Prices range from £20 to £35 so not too bad, the website for the world tour looks cool also.

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