I love Birds of Prey!!!


The source blog just posted a cool teaser of the upcoming date between Catman and Huntress. If you are a listener of our podcast over the last 5 years, you know about my love for the Birds of Prey. This is a team book that has consistently showcased strong character development and real human emotional drama. It also has had some of my favorite fight scenes within a comic.

Throughout the years, this book has had some amazing art teams that have really made this consistently an A list title. The writing of Gail Simone remains whitty, exciting, wicked and just plain smart. The series is filled with twists and turns where you start to think it is heading in one direction and it takes a sharp turn and throws you for a loop. For me, half the fun of the series is trying to figure out the various clues and teases laid throughout this web because I actually care about these characters.

If you haven’t checked out the adventures of Oracle, Black Canary, Huntress, Lady Blackhawk and the rest of the BOP crew, do yourself a favor. While is is a book set in the Bat Universe, it is very contained and offers something for everyone. This is superhero storytelling at it’s best. Highest possible recommendation.

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