Supergirl is a series that became VERY important to me under the tenure of Sterling Gates and Jamal Igle. I think it is one of the better Superman universe books being published. It’s easy to get worried when a new creative team takes over. How will they handle the character? Will it maintain the momentum of the previous run? Will this feel like a continued progression of the character? These are all questions that I worry about whenever there is a change to a book.

It’s too soon to say but so far I am happy with the start of the run of James Peaty and Bernard Chang. The book looks good and they seem to have a handle on the personality of Kara. Kara is a character who developed from being a bratty and almost unlikable character trying to distance herself from Superman to a character who has become VERY accessible and enjoyable to read. We’ve seen her really turn into a hero and take pride in trying to use her powers and intelligence to make a difference in the world. I really like how her Kryptonian upbringing gives her a skill set slightly different than Clark’s because she actually spent more time in the culture than he did.

If you haven’t been reading Supergirl, I recommend picking up trades of the work of Gates and Igle to really get a flavor for how cool this character can be. I also recommend issue 60 to check out the start of the new team’s run. Nick Spencer does the cowriting on that issue. I am loving his work on T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents so that caught my eye immediately. Supergirl is a book worth checking out. I hope the new team continues to build on the terrific foundation that came before.

By DrNorge

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