Update: New show tomorrow afternoon due to added material

Episode 217 wound up being a full 3 hour show instead of a shorter episode as originally planned so I need tomorrow in the AM to do some editing. We have a pretty comprehensive chat on San Diego news plus we take a closer look at Supergirl 54, Legion #3, DC team books in general, DCU Online, Batman Odyssey #1 and more.

Thanks for your patience.

2 thoughts on “Update: New show tomorrow afternoon due to added material

  1. Awesome can’t wait to listen to the long show. I just recently found this podcast, and immediatelly became a fan^^ I also just recently started to reading comics, before I just read normal books and manga. I really hope you will talk about the awesome Blur Cinematic for DCU Online. It was so epic that it made me wanna play the mmo when it comes out or when I’m lucky and get invited to the beta, play it even earlier. Keep up the good work Bye Bye:)

  2. Thanks for listening. We really appreciate the time you give up. I am working on the show as I type this, actually. It will be up in a few hours.

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