…or did Justice Society of America #37 venture into the world of the once talked about Justice League movie “Supermax”?  To be honest, I wasn’t excited about this story arc.  In fact, I was so unexcited that I had to mentally remind myself about the last issue when I cracked this one open.

But, the most interesting part of the issue comes along when Mr. Terrific sneaks out of his “cell” and meets up with the other captured heroes, including Superman, Batman, Blue Beetle, and Green Arrow.  Hearing Bruce talk about being the next one of them set to be executed made this story sound a little more real.  It was also very weird to see Supes sporting an eye patch.

In case anyone isn’t familiar, “SuperMax” was one of the many Justice League movie scripts that has been floating around the last five years or so.  The set-up was the Green Arrow and other members of the Justice League have been captured and must find their way out of a Super-Maximum security facility.  Sound familiar?  Change a few details and it looks like “SuperMax” has been repackaged as a comic book story instead of a movie screenplay.  Who knows?  In this new age of comic books finding their way onto the big screen, this might be what this story needs to finally find it’s way into being a movie worth making.

By the way, now that I’m able to post my column on the website instead of sending it to Norge, I’m going to start doing shorter snippets like this (hopefully).  This idea from from JSA came along today and had already formed in my head, so I figured I would post it now instead of waiting until I’ve had a chance to re-read all the other books I received this week.  So, that’s all for now, but more will be coming shortly.

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