I was browsing the Source this evening and came across this cover for Brightest Day.


I know this doesn’t necessarily mean a for sure return of Aquaman but Blackest Night reinvigorated me with the possibilities of his return. I am 100% behind more Mera storytelling. I was a huge fan of the Peter David run on Aquaman and really loved the character ever since. The Sub Diego stuff that introduced Aquagirl was good fun as well.

Atlantis is always an interesting place to read about because of the politics involved. This is a different nation with VERY different concerns from the surface world. This often leads to deep conflict over different ideologies. Combat is also quite different under water and there are some interesting chances to bring the vastness of the sea to life.  The fantasy style of the most recent version began to explore some of this.

Will this be the same Aquaman that had the hook hand? Will this be the Silver Age version? Will I know it is technically the same guy but what will still be considered part of his past?

Will Dolphin and Tempest also return?

If this preview is a hint at his possible return, it also makes me wonder what other characters that were Black Lantern’s might come back?

By DrNorge

One thought on “Aquaman??? I didn’t see this coming but I am excited.”
  1. at first i was annoyed at the potential spoiler, but i think they mentioned his coming back in “Brightest day” not “blackest night”

    got to agree with you, never had much interest in Aquaman before but blackest night (and i’m not sure why?) has got me pumped

    I’ve actually gone back reading from the dollar bins the early Shuan McLouchlin run,and amazed to find how interesting Mera is as a character even back then. no arguement her getting the red ring reading that stuff

    love the finch art too, i know everyone wants him on batman, but put him on Aquaman…(altough his last project was Ultimatum so he might be sick of drawing water! )

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