Updated with covers from issue 5 and 6. Bookmark the Source, if you haven’t already.


If you are a Batman fan, check out the Source. They have some VERY cool covers from the upcoming Bruce Wayne mini.  I am really excited to follow the journey of Bruce. This is an interesting story because I had no doubt Bruce would eventually return. The part I am anticipating is going on his journey with him. I want to know what the Omega Effect did to him. I want to see what it will take for him to overcome it. The covers have only added to that build.



Heroes Finale

I am a big fan of the show Heroes. Season 1 was steller and the rest of the seasons have been enjoyable. This season is worth checking out on DVD or Blu Ray if you missed it. I truly felt it was a return to the excitement that I felt with Season 1.

Samuel made for an interesting villian. What worked for me was that you were never quite sure if he was a hero, villain or something more complicated. In the end, while his intentions were evil, his story was tragic. The tale of lost love that was found and lost again. I have to wonder if he didn’t bring some of that upon himself by trying to force her into his world. The boy who didn’t fit in, wanting to be something more, in his brother’s shadow, and never quite escaping, even in the brother’s death. Just truly engaging elements to a complex character.

While I knew he was gathering the carnival for his own purpose, I do think he wanted their love. The problem was that he put his own interest of being an all powerful leader, before what was best for them. He could have had so much more power if they truly were embraced as a family of equals. Samuel never got that and it was his undoing. I loved that. It felt real.

Peter was really “fixed” this season. I felt like he was returned to the likable, accessible  character from Season 1. Peter should be the character you admire because he keeps trying. He tries to find solutions when most wouldn’t. Sure, he makes mistakes, but he ultimately picks himself back up and comes at the problem from a new angle. He always felt the most like a comic book hero in this real world.  A bit of that was lost along the way, but came back big time this season.

Sylar was the MVP of the last two episodes. I want to see more of his transition to trying to be a hero. He hurt a ton of people along the way. They will want him accountable for what happened. I have to admit there is something cool about seeing this “formerly” evil man use his powers on the bad guys for a change. I am also interested to see if he really can maintain that change.

Hiro and Charlie resolved, Noah surviving, Claire revealing them to the world, it gave me hope for some more stories that interested me this season.

I hope Heroes gets another season. I know there has been some net write ups of numbers dropping this season but I think the quality of the show was so much better this go around.  If marketed right and kicked off with an accessible opening, I think it has a lot to offer the audience members that left.  It’s a show that I hope gets the chances to be bookended for DVD and Blu Ray viewing. I’m sure I’ll share more thoughts in the future but it was a very satisfying end to this season.

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