Episode 400 took over 4 hours to record. Episode 398 moved to tomorrow night due to time.

Hey Everyone,
We recorded episode 400 tonight with friend of the show, Art Lyon. It is midnight and we literally just wrapped up. It will force a 1 day delay on 398. We are recording content ahead of time due to upcoming vacations for Sean and Jim so we keep regular content coming. The confirmed line up:

Episode 398: Freddie E. Williams II and Brain Boy for tomorrow night.

Episode 399: Green Lantern 33, Green Lantern Corps 33, New Guardians 32, and Grayson 1 (recorded and up next week)

Episode 400: An over 4 hour celebration of bad DC cinema with Superman IV (watch it with the film for added fun) and Batman and Robin (Watch it with the film for added fun)

Episode 401: Supergirl, Red Lanterns, Sinestro, and Batgirl

Coming soon:

Death of Superman


More current comics episodes

Catwoman commentary track episode

Fall TV preview

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New show up tomorrow night. Rest of the month line up posted!

Episode 398 Pop Culture and Whatnot with Freddie E. Williams II and his work on Brain Boy!

Episode 399 Green Lantern catch up Part 1 and Grayson 1

Episode 400 Anniversary show: A look at bad DC Cinema with Art Lyon

Episode 401 Green Lantern Part 2 and Batgirl

Coming Soon: Death of Superman, Fracture, and Vertigo!

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Episode 397b up tonight or tomorrow Flash 32, Batman Eternal 13, Future’s End 9

Originally 397b was going to be an hour long continuation of 397. We had so much fun talking that it turned into a full 2 1/2 hour show. I plan to release this later tonight but we are having severe thunderstorms and my power kicked out twice. If not, it will be up tomorrow.

We discussed The Flash 32, Batman Eternal 13, and Future’s End 9. We also share a great voicemail from Dan.

Our upcoming line up:

398 Freddie E. Williams II joins us to discuss his work on Brain Boy The Men from G.E.S.T.A.L.T. 1 and 2.

399 Part 1 of a two part Green Lantern Catchup

400 Anniversary show: We check out bad DC Cinema with friend of the show Art Lyon: We take an in-depth look at Catwoman, Batman and Robin, Superman: The Quest for Peace (This will likely be a two parter)

401 Green Lantern Catchup Part 2


Death of Superman Trade

Vertigo Episode

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Episode 396 up later tonight: Tom King on Nightwing and Grayson and episode 400 details announced!

I am finishing editing the show right now. It should be up in a few hours. I will keep you posted.

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New episode this weekend and upcoming tentative line up posted, the road to 400 begins!

Episode 395 : Quick Voicemail on 5 years later, Son of Batman, Superman Doomed (Already recorded)

Episode 396 : Tom King joins us to discuss Nightwing 30 and Grayson

Episode 397 : Batman 31, Batman Eternal, Future’s End and Speeding Bullets

Episode 398 : Green Lantern titles

Episode 399 : TBD

Episode 400 : Special Anniversary Show!

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First show of June is done and uploaded. It will be posted later today. Last day for students.

Hey Everyone,
This is the last day for students in my district so things get very hectic at work. The show is done and edited. I have not had a chance to post it due to work responsibilities. Jim and I were not able to record until yesterday. Thank you for the patience and support.

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New show line up announced! First show of June up by Thursday night!

We have a great show planned covering:
JLU 0,1
Secret Origins 1,2
All Star Western 31
Superman Doomed Event

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New show up Monday or Tuesday: The Movement 12, Batgirl Annual 2 and issue 31

We have two episodes releasing this week if all goes well.

Episode 392: Batgirl Annual 2, Batgirl 31, The Movement 12

Episode 393: Justice League United 0,1, Superman Doomsday 1, Secret Origins, All Star Western

Episode 394: Batman and Son, Arrow, DC in Media tv, gaming, film

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Tentative line up for our next show in May

Jim and I were tossing around a mix of new books and ones that we have not touched on in awhile.

Future’s End 0
Secret Origins 1
Teen Titans 30, Teen Titan Annual
All Star Western 30

Coming Soon:
Son of Batman

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Show will be up this evening. Slight delay and apologies to Joel.

Hey Everyone,

Jim and I were unable to record until Sunday.

Our show topics include:

Comments about the passing of Jamie D from CGS.

C2E2 and other recent DC Comics News and film reactions.

Flash 30 and the Annual 3.

Listener Voicemails.

It is basically done, I was up till 3 am working on a project for a class that I am taking so I need to wrap up putting the show together until tonight. Your patience is appreciated.

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