New show this weekend! Secret Six 2, New issues of Batman Eternal and New 52 Future’s End, Voicemails and more.

This weekend is Wizard World Cleveland. We recorded a new episode for you and will release it some time over the weekend! We have some great content coming your way!

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New show up Thursday: Funeral delay

Jim and I are recording Wednesday night or Thursday at the latest. A close friend of mine’s father passed away so I am playing catch up. We will be focusing on DC’s weekly books, the recent Superman news and Earth 2.

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Episode 419 up tomorrow or Tuesday due to extended content

Jim and I recorded the rest of 419. It was initially supposed to be a short second part. It wound up being a full 3 hour show. I am currently editing it. I have some work obligations tomorrow night. If I get home early enough, I will finish the show. Otherwise, it will be up for sure by Tuesday.

We talk Gotham and Constantine. We also talk the most recent episode of Arrow. We have listener voicemails and more. It’s a fun show and packed with content. I am excited to release it.

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Possible two episodes this week: First one released Tuesday or Wednesday

We recorded an epic chat about current DC TV (Gotham, Flash, Arrow, recent news and more) with friend of the show Art Lyon. I started editing the episode. My work schedule is crazy this week so I may be releasing this as a two parter to get content to you more quickly. It all depends on if it makes sense during editing. The show will be released by Wednesday at the latest.

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The first of 4 January shows release this Sunday! We tackle the Superman Universe!

Our next show releases Sunday night: We are working our schedules to try and get a set release date.

Sunday’s show will cover: Action Comics, Superman, Superman/Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Superman Unchained

Next week: We are joined by Art Lyon to take a look at the current state of DC TV!!!

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Episode 416 released New Year’s Eve!

Jim and Sean discuss batman/Superman 17, Green Lantern Annual 3, Batman 37 and Robin Rises Alpha. We also chat voicemails and more as we wrap up 2014!

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Quick update: Episode recorded and editing almost done, up tomorrow in the am.

The new show is finished. Due to family visiting for the holidays, editing will be wrapped up tomorrow in the AM. This will be the first of two releases finishing off 2014!

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New show up tomorrow plus final episode of 2014 announced!

Episode 214 : Batman and Robin 37, Detective Comics 37, Batgirl 37, Batwoman 36, Grayson 5, thoughts on cancellations in March

Episode 215 : Final episode of Batman Exploration: Batman, Robin Rises Alpha, Batman / Superman, Green Lantern Godhead catchup

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Technical issues with recording but solved other problems as well. Overall good news but recording delayed.

Hey Everyone,
Jim and I started recording today but had unexpected technical issues due to new equipment. It’s actually good news because in the process, we fixed an issue with 2 voicemails that we thought were lost. Apologies for the delay. Jim and I both have new equipment on our end which will fix some of the recent delays we have been having. We are unable to record tomorrow due to my wife’s birthday but will be recording and releasing on Tuesday. Thanks for your patience. This will pay off in the long run. We are getting things back on track for the upcoming holiday season.

Next show: Teen Titans Earth One and Teen Titans current series with Voicemails.

Following release: Two part Batman Catch up! We look at all the Batbooks!

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New Episode Saturday or Sunday: Teen Titans Earth One, Teen Titans and the first of a multipart Bat Universe catchup!

Jim and I are recording Saturday and looking forward to ending November talking about some recent favorites. Please feel free to call the voicemail line. We will include them on the show.

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