New show Tuesday or Wednesday: We share reactions to all of the San Diego news and more!

Jim and I recorded and episode on Sunday night. I began work on it tonight and hope to finish tomorrow. It will be up Wednesday at the latest. There was a lot of cool stuff from the con to discuss.

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Show recorded working on editing. Rain storms causing power outages.

Hey Everyone,
Jim and I recorded this evening but storms caused power outages which have affected editing. It is midnight now and I will put in another hour. If I finish, it will go up tonight. Otherwise, I need to wrap it up after work tomorrow. We have great conversations about the Green Lantern Books, Detective Comics, Action Comics, Dr. Fate, Constantine, Omega Men, and much more! We also responded to some great voicemails. I will keep you updated!

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New show tomorrow or Tuesday! We continue our look at Post Convergence DC!

We are recording a new show tomorrow. We will be looking at the changing landscape of the GL family of books, Dr. Fate, Midnighter, Prez and more!

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Slight delay due to work issue: Show recording tomorrow night. Additional content will be added.

Hey Everyone,
Jim got slammed with a case at work so is unable to record until tomorrow night. Depending on the length of recording, it will be up Friday or Saturday.

We will be chatting about the new Batman game, along with many of the amazing comics that have been released since our last show. Thanks for your patience. We promise it will be worth it.

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Episode 436 will be recorded Wednesday: Secret Six, Section 8, Green Arrow, Dr. Fate, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and more

Our new show will be recorded on Wednesday with a release Wednesday night or Thursday depending on editing. Phone call are welcome! 1-440-388-4434 or Dr. Norge on Skype.

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Editing in progress: Still planning to release show tonight, possible release tomorrow

Hey Everyone,
I got home late from work tonight and it started editing later than expected. I am still shooting for a show release tonight. If not, it will be up tomorrow for sure.

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New Episode Tomorrow Night: Batman Earth One Vol 2, TV Season finales, and much more. 3 1/2 hour epic.

Jim and I did an epic recording about iZombie, Constantine, Flash, Arrow, Gotham, upcoming shows and Batman Earth One Vol 2. It will be up tomorrow night!

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Power outage due to storms last night. Episode editing in progress. Show will be up soon.

Sorry for the lack of news. We had heavy rain storms last night that caused an outage. I am back up and running and editing the show. It usually takes a couple of hours. It will be up soon.

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Slight delay due to work conflict. Show will be recorded and released tomorrow.

Jim and I planned to record tonight but due to a work conflict, we need to record tomorrow. I will definitely be editing and posting it tomorrow as well. Feel free to call in before noon eastern tomorrow and your call will be included on the show.

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Final Episode of May up tomorrow night: We discuss the end of Convergence and the season finales of some of our favorite shows.

Jim and I are recording and releasing a new show tomorrow night. Please feel free to call in with any comments.

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