New show tonight or tomorrow: Detective 940, Superman 6 and 7, Trinity 1, Doom Patrol 1 and voicemails!

Jim and I recorded the next show. I am editing it for a release tonight or tomorrow. We had fun with this one!

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Last show of August tomorrow : Wonder Woman 4 and 5, Blue Beetle Rebirth, Aquaman and more

We wanted to sneak in one more show for the month of August so we recorded tonight. Looking forward to releasing this tomorrow night!

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New show finally recorded. We just finished at 11pm. 3 hours of crazy chat coming tomorrow!

Jim and I were finally able to sit down and chat after a crazy week. I’ll need to edit tomorrow but we’ll definitely release then! This was fun. Can’t wait for you to hear it.

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Slight delay on episode due to scheduling conflict: Will be released by Friday with added content.

Hey Everyone,
Jim and I planned to record yesterday or today but work schedules got in the way. We both have projects this week at our jobs that have led to extra hours of work. The good news is that while the show will be delayed until Friday, it will allow us to record longer and give you more content. I apologize for the delay. It was unavoidable.

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New show on Tuesday or Wednesday: Suicide Squad, is there a DC film conspiracy?, and comic chat

Hey Everyone,

We haven’t forgotten about you. I am selling my father’s home and it required cleaning out his out which caused a conflict with recording. We are back in business and ready to record this week.

Our topics:

Suicide Squad Movie

Is there a DC film conspiracy?

More Rebirth chat

Feel free to call in!

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Next recording tomorrow night! We tackle Batman: the Killing Joke!

Jim and I are recording tomorrow night with a special episode on Killing Joke. The following recording will be on Suicide Squad, then back to Rebirth!

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Power outage ruined recording Jim and I will rerecord this week on Wednesday or Thursday.

Yikes. I spent hours last night trying to recover the recording. I thought it was fine when I saved it but a number of areas in the file have errors. Jim and I need to rerecord. We will do this on Wednesday or Thursday and I will release it on the same night. I am able to save some of the audio but it breaks up in places that make it unusable.

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New Episode by Monday: Last 2 weeks of DC Rebirth releases, DK III issue 5 and more

Hey Everyone,

Jim and I are recording either tonight or Sunday. We will be covering the last 2 weeks of DC Rebirth releases and having a chat about DK III #5. Release will be Monday at the latest. It will be sooner if we finish recording tonight.

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New Episode this weekend: DKR The Last Crusade, Action Comics, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash and Detective Comics

Our new show will be up tomorrow or Sunday and will continue the look at Rebirth titles. We also check in on the Dark Knight Returns special that acts as a prequel to the original series.

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Episode 468 will be up tomorrow: We cover the first 9 rebirth issues!

Jim and I recorded our most recent show and had a blast talking about the Rebirth event. Books discussed: Batman Rebirth 1, Superman Rebirth 1, Green Arrow Rebirth 1, Green Lanterns Rebirth 1, Action Comics Rebirth 1, Detective Comics Rebirth 1, Wonder Woman Rebirth 1, Aquaman Rebith 1, and Flash Rebirth 1.

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