Episodes being edited up this weekend due to family issues

Hey Everyone,

My step dad just had heart surgery on Friday. It has thrown off my schedule a bit. The good news is he is fine. I have a b-day party for my nieces today but then will edit tonight.  My plan is for a Sunday release. I am halfway done so that should be no problem at all.

This week, I also was a guest on Earth Station Who and Back to the Bins, where I talk Starman 19. I have a link up to Earth Station Who on this site. I will also be posting the Back to the Bins episode when it goes live.

Thanks for your patience. I am back to work on the show.

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New show Friday! We discuss Flash and Gotham with Art Lyon!

Our next episode is Flash and Gotham with Art Lyon.

This will be followed by Savage Sword.

Finally, we will be doing a show on Gotham Academy, Batgirl, Klarion and Godhead.

We have some great content coming your way!

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New episode up Wednesday night or Thursday.

Jim and I are recording a variety of content over the next week.

The next 3 episodes over the next week and a half or so.

Future’s End Event: We share some of the issues we really enjoyed

Fall TV Preview with Art Lyon: Including a chat on current episodes of Gotham

Pop Culture and Whatnot: Freddie Williams II and Jim Mitchel on Savage Sword #9

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New show up tonight. Small amount of editing left.

Hey Everyone,
I had a work project that I finished last night. I got to editing the show and had to stop around 3 am. There’s about 30 minutes of this episode left to edit so it will be up this evening for sure.

Episode 406 Catwoman the Movie will be up tonight! Thanks for your patience.

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Episod 406 will be up Wednesday or Thursday : We tackle Catwoman the Movie!

Upcoming line up:

406 Catwoman the Movie
407 Future’s End Event
408 Fall TV Preview and chat about Gotham

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New episode tomorrow or Tuesday.

I am currently editing the next two episodes. My plan is to have one of them out on Monday. I will keep you posted in case we need to push till Tuesday. We have some exciting content coming your way.

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Work has begun on Episode 404, 405, and 406 which will be released over the next two weeks starting on Monday or Tuesday

Episode 404: Sinestro 5, Red Lanterns 34, Futures End 18, Futures End #1 for Action, Green Arrow, and Aquaman

Episode 405: Pop Culture and Whatnot with Chad Ciccone

Episode 406: Catwoman the Movie with Art Lyon

Episode 407: Future’s End issues

First look at Fall TV

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Update: Fixing an audio issue. Show will be up today. Audacity cache problem.

I thought I was ready to post the podcast last night but had a weird audio issue. Apparently the cache from a previous episode and the current one got mixed. I had to uninstall the program and clear out the files where Windows stores them. A reinstall seems to have fixed the issue. I am redoing the editing. It will be up today. I will keep you posted.

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Crazy week is over. I am working on the new episode right now.

I want to thank everyone for their patience. I am loving my new job but there was a ton to do this week and I had no chance to sit down with the podcast. I am playing catchup in a lot of areas right now but editing has started. The show will be up tonight and we will resume a normal schedule.

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Slight delay this week due to new job. Episode will be up by Friday or sooner.

Hey Everyone,
I started a new job this month and it has additional responsibilities for the school district. Due to this, I haven’t had a chance to edit the show. My plan is to have a new show up mid week but it will be up by Friday at the latest. We will still have 4 August episodes. I’ll be able to get caught up after this week gets cleared up. Thanks for your patience.

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