Episode 467 recorded: Editing started and will be up tomorrow. Rebirth, Justice League, Superman and more!

467 is recorded and is almost 3 hours of DC comics goodness. We discuss Justice League 50, Superman 52, DC Universe Rebirth, Batman V Superman, Flash and Supergirl’s crossover and more!

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Rebirth Episode this week! DC Universe Rebirth #1, Superman #52 and more!

Hey Everyone,
Jim is back from Italy and we are preparing our third May release. On Thursday, we will be recording a special episode devoted to the Rebirth special and Superman #52. We will obviously be talking about a wealth of other characters and events relating to this transition.

Feel free to call our voicemail line : 1-440-388-4434 by Thursday at noon eastern, if you want comments on this episode. You can also email us at ragingbullets@icloud.com with the subject heading “Rebirth Episode”.

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Support Staunch Ambition and Show Release News

Hey Everyone,

I want to start by shouting out Staunch Ambition. This is a really cool supernatural sci fi Kickstarter that would be great to see funded. It is in it’s final hours so please check it out to see if it is of interest. Please share with friends who you know love the genre.

Staunch Ambition

Jim is in Italy but I am readying our next episode for release. It is the first of our two part discussion on Wonder Woman the Contest and Fall of an Amazon. It will be up Thursday or Friday. We will be recording the second part over Skype while Jim is in Italy. It’ll be a fun opportunity.

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Working on last portion of batman V Superman episode. Will be up tonight. More on site.

Hey Everyone,

I stayed up till about 2:30 am to try and finish the episode. I have only a little editing left and will finish when I get home from work tonight. I am excited to release it.

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Episode 464 up tomorrow night Batman V Superman, Episode 465 Recorded (Show updates)

Hey Everyone,

Jim is heading to Italy and we have been working hard to get a couple of episodes together for his 3 week vacation.

Episode 464: Batman V Superman with Art Lyon (Editing in Progress)

Episode 465: Wonder Woman 0, 90-95 (Already recorded and next week’s release)

Episode 466: Wonder Woman 96 – 100 (will be recorded from Italy)

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Fixing Episode 463 : Release delayed to tomorrow night (audio issue)

Hey Everyone,

I had a slight audio issue with episode 463. It has since been fixed but is something that is requiring work throughout the episode to fixed so the sound is balanced.  I need an extra evening to finish it. Apologize for the delay. I will try and finish tonight but it will likely be tomorrow.

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New show up tomorrow or Wednesday: Wondercon Rebirth News

I am just back from vacation and wanted to post a show update!

Our lineup the next couple of weeks:

Wondercon Rebirth Reactions with special guest

Superman V Batman w/ Art Lyon

Wonder Woman : The Contest and more!

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March is 10 years of Raging Bullets and Episode line up is announced!

Episode 460 : Superman, Batman, Darkseid War, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern Corps Oblivion (Up this weekend)

Episode 461: Freddie E. Williams II returns Batman/TNMT

Episode 462: Batman and Robin Eternal with Allen Passalaqua

Episode 463: Anniversary Show : Wonder Woman Issues 0, 90-100. The Contest!

Episode 464: Batman V Superman with Art Lyon

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New show was recorded on Sunday: Editing has begun. over 2 hour look at the various announced Rebirth Books.

Hey Everyone,
Sorry for the delay. I had a board meeting to attend at work tonight. I will begin editing but need to finish tomorrow night. Jim and I did an over 2 hour episode on all of the Rebirth announced titles and what we would like to see from this. This will be up tomorrow night. We intended to make this a quick discussion but there was a lot of news to discuss spinning out of this.

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New show this weekend: More Rebirth news, Batman 49, Superman, Gotham, I Zombie, and much much more!

Jim and I are excited to get back to recording this weekend. We have a ton to talk about!

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