New show recorded finally: Episode 451 up tomorrow night! Batman 46, Secret Six 8, Clean Room 2, Slash and Burn 1, Superman/ Wonder Woman 22

Our new show is recorded. Due to family issues, explained on the podcast, there was a bit of a delay but we are back with a new show where we talk about recent favorites. Editing will be complete tomorrow night! Thanks for sticking with us.

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Slight delay until the weekend: Jim has work responsibilities

Hey Everyone,
Jim and I were going to record tonight but he is swamped due to work responsibilities. He has a large case load. We will need to delay our next recording. There is a small chance he will be done tomorrow. Otherwise, we will record over the weekend. Thanks for you patience. Unforeseen circumstances got in the way for both of us.

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New show tomorrow night! Deathstroke, Batman, Superman/Wonder Woman, New Vertigo and more!

Due to some family and work issues, Jim and I are recording tomorrow night. Please feel free to call in with your thoughts and comments.

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Final October Episode to be released by Saturday

Jim and I are coordinating our final October Episode. His work schedule has made finding a common record time difficult early this week. Have no fear though, we are recording tomorrow or Friday.

Show Topics: Batman and Robin Eternal, Telos, Justice League Darkseid War, New Vertigo #1s (This will be a series of segments on the new Vertigo releases)

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New show tomorrow: Lois and Clark, Grayson, Batman and Robin Eternal and more!

I am editing together the podcast and will be releasing it tomorrow night. This was a fun one!

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New shows recorded on Sunday

Hey Everyone,
Jim and I are trying a little experiment on Sunday. We are going to attempt to start recording 2 episodes back to back to keep us on a steady schedule. We have a great deal planned for the upcoming shows. This includes many of the new #1 issues being released, some of the very cool recent annuals, some Vertigo segments and much more. We will also be following up with Freddie E. Williams II on the Infinite Adventures of Jonas Quantum issue 2. Please pick up that amazing title and join us for that discussion.

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Computer back up and running. Editing resumes and show will be up today!

Thanks for your patience. The show production is pack up and running and the episode will be released today.

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Slight Computer Problem May Cause Delay (Malware Issue)

Just a quick heads up: My main desktop had to be refreshed this morning due to a Malware issue. I left that running when I left for work. If everything is back up and running, I will be able to continue editing and hopefully finish tonight. If not, I may need one more day.

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New show Wednesday or Thursday: We are joined by Freddie E. Williams II!

Freddie E. Williams II joined us to discuss his work on “The Infinite Adventures of Jonas Quantum”. Please consider reading issue 1 and joining us for a spoiler filled look at this amazing title!

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New episodes being recorded Sunday

We are doing back to back recordings on Sunday. If you want to get any voicemail content on the show, it would be a great time. We will be talking the Green Lantern books.

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