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LITG: Superman movie by Mandy Stegall

I’ll be honest.  When the news broke that Henry Cavill had been cast as Clark Kent/Superman, I said, “Who?”  I have never seen the Tudors, or anything else he’s been in, for that matter.

If I can be shallow for a moment–and I can because it’s my column–he has the look.  Give the boy a shave, an appropriate haircut, and some specs and he could very easily be Clark Kent.  Take off the specs and put the spit curl into effect and he’s Superman.  And for all our sakes, let’s hope that he’s able to learn a Midwestern accent. (And yes, people from the Midwest have an accent.)

When it comes to Cavill, I’m willing to give Christopher Nolan and Zach Snyder the benefit of the doubt.  For now.

I want so bad to be excited for this movie. I want to geek out about it.  I want to have faith that this is going to be an interpretation that isn’t going to leave a sour taste in my mouth.  So…I decided to make a short list of things I feel need to be present for this movie to be a success.

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