JokerFish #04: Say “Kalamazoo” To Save The World

I have a strange relationship with the supernatural side of the DC universe.

When I first ventured confidently into the world of comics half a decade ago, I probably would have told you that my favorite DC characters were Batman, Green Arrow, The Joker, Deathstroke, the Bat Family… the street-level characters. For me, there was something much more interesting about the idea of superheroes with semi-realistic and theoretically attainable powers. Overpowered characters like Superman or The Hulk never held much resonance with me; they could win any battle by smashing things, or solve mysteries just by looking through walls. Batman had to think, strategize, plot, discover and analyze. Bruce Wayne was human, and when I was a kid, the unwritten promise was that I could be Batman one day too if only I tried hard enough.

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