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Kickstarter is putting the band back together for Secret Six Fans!

Kickstarter is putting the band back together for Secret Six Fans


Over the past few years, you may have heard Jim and I talk at length about our love for Secret Six. It was original, edgy, featured amazing character depth and amazing art. This was a book that really enjoyed immense creative energy. Secret Six is the type of book that comes around every so often that reminds me why comics are the place that I have found mind blowing content since the 70’s.
I’ve made no secret of my admiration of the writing prowess of Gail Simone. I fondly remember her first issue of Birds of Prey and how I immediately felt something special in the way her stories were crafted to really get to the heart of the emotional core of these characters. Gail is one of those writers who really works hard to understand who the characters are. Then she takes you on a journey with them that you and the characters never expected. She takes them there in a way that makes you feel like you are another passenger in the car hanging out with two friends who you really don’t want to admit you like. (I’m talking to you Catman and Deadshot.)

That brings me to the talent that is Jim Calafiore. I first had the chance to experience his work during his time with Peter David on the amazing Aquaman run. I had read an issue here and there of Aquaman previously. I never had the budget to really follow it further, so it wasn’t a statement on the quality of what I had read. I knew the character from Super Friends but knew little of his world other than Black Manta was his enemy and he talked to fish.

When crafting an undersea world, the right artist knows how to give you that sense of wonder. He can deliver a sense of motion, action and drama that fits the location, tone and style of the book. I refer to that run regularly on the podcast because it holds a special place on a short list of favorites for me. Jim’s art was a huge part of helping me get to know who the whole supporting cast. (Dolphin rocked by the way!) When he came on Secret Six, he brought and showed his continued evolution as an artistic talent. This book was perfection to me with Nicola Scott on the art chores and Jim continued that same high quality. Jim knows how to create beauty while telling an amazing visual story.

The announcement that when this Kickstarter crosses the $92,000 mark, it will bring colorist Jason Wright on board motivated me to give another heavy shout out to this awesome Kickstarter. I am a school teacher and not an artist but I know when an art team really hits me in a way that sticks with me. Jason Wright’s color work on Secret Six really had to match the emotional tone that was being delivered by all other members of the creative process. Secret Six gave us wicked action, buddy cop style action drama, some of the nastiest villain moments you could ever read, and a cast of characters that somehow became endearing even when they shouldn’t. Jason’s colors had to match those moods and many many more. (Often these were jumping out of multiple panels on the same page because this book delivered a great deal of content each month.)
When I sat down to write this, I truly meant to do a quick shout out to Leaving Megalopolis, in hopes of on some small level pointing friends of our show to this campaign if they missed our previous shout outs on the podcast. It turned quickly into a love letter to these creators, Secret Six and hopefully a chance for some of you who were on the fence to jump on this project so you don’t miss out. This team has shown what a unique experience can be with Secret Six. I can’t wait to see what they do with Leaving Megalopolis.

“When the caped heroes of the world’s safest city inexplicably all turn into homicidal lunatics, no one is safe.” I mean come on. It’s survival horror where the last remaining normal humans have to face a world where Superheroes made it a perfect place but now they have snapped. How can you not want to read that? 80 pages of hard hitting comic drama is coming our way.