DC Cancels Seven Ongoing Titles: Shout out to Ifanboy


Thanks to Rafael Sanz for pointing out the Ifanboy article above.

This is really sad because I think these are 7 really strong and diverse titles.

Doom Patrol – This is a title that only got better over time. The opportunity to see how the Chief messed with the heads of his team and that they eventually broke away from that really connected me to this group. As Giffen started to really spotlight the characters, I really started to love this twisted little title. Matthew Clark has been fantastic on art. It brought in some of the coolness of the Morrison run while bringing in all of the nutty history of the Doom Patrol. This book made sense of it all and made you see how these characters work in a modern setting. Negative Man was my personal favorite character in this book. Although the issues involving the betrayal of Elasti Girl by Steve Dayton and the Chief were really stellar.

JSA All Stars – Freddie E. Williams II is a long time friend of the show and amazing artist. I love the Vertigo and Shadowpact work of Matthew Sturgis. This team has been really interesting to follow. It started off with Magog and Power Girl breaking off into a strike force. This team was having a tough time adjusting to Magog. As a reader, this book and Magog’s solo title seemed to mirror each other in the development of the character. Seeing the rest of the JSA react to Magog in a way that I was feeling added a sense of realism to the book. When he eventually was booted from the team, they grew together as a family and we saw the return of favorites like Atom Smasher and Sand. It also led to the intro of cool character Anna Fortune who has a rich connection to Dr. Fate. As the team came together and grew closer, so did my connection to the title.

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