Episode 283 is here! Special Thanksgiving Release! Batman #3,Blue Beetle #3 and initial impressions of Batman Arkham City

Episode 283: Special Thanksgiving Release! Jim and Sean discuss Batman #3 and Blue Beetle #3, as we discuss more of the New 52! We also have a very special set of listener voicemails over the next two shows to get caught up on all of your great phone calls. We also have a quick casual chat about initial impressions with Batman Arkham City.

Listener voicemails are from Brett, Don, Caleb, Rob, and we have a GLC clarification.

17 Episodes to 300!

Show Notes:

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4:21 Voicemails

15:56 Batman #3 and quick initial impressions of Batman Arkham City for the PC

1:05:39 Voicemails

1:33:00 Blue Beetle #3

1:53:50 Voicemails

2:17:22 Show Closing is Hawkman by Wednesday Heroes http://wednesdayheroes.com/wordpress/

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Batman Arkham City

Arkham City Trailer

I loved the first Batman Arkham Asylum game. It felt like you were really Batman on a case. You not only got to use all of his cool gadgets but you had a chance to use the stealthy combat skills as well. You had the chance to develop a strategy for each situation.

This new trailer for Arkham City shows some very cool footage and how the sequel looks to improve upon the rest. Check it out and post your thoughts.

Batman : Arkham City miniseries announced with cool digital twist


I am a big fan of paper comics. That being said, like when trades hit the market big, I am a fan of looking at ways to expand the reach of comics.

I love collected hard covers because of the extras. This mini is releasing some of the extras in digital form first. This is cool for fans who are buying the mini in single issue form. We can experience these extras as the series it released. What do you all think of extras being available on the app?