Jim and I recorded yesterday. I will begin editing tomorrow with a release to follow shortly.

570: The Demon Trilogy Conclusion: Birth of the Demon and Speeding Bullets Endless Winter parts 1-3, brief Death Metal chat and more.

571: Death Metal 6, Endless Winter Teen Titans Special, Rorschach 3 (Commentary on March 2021 DC Comics could be possible)

572: Wonder Woman 1984 Special

That takes us through December.

Our goals for 2021 are a renewed commitment to the show and regular releases. Health issues are behind us and Jim and I want to get back to regular releases. Our plan is to commit to a biweekly schedule with additional special episodes each month.

Truthfully, we really want to get back to a weekly schedule and we are starting with biweekly to get us back on track. We want you to be able to count on regular releases from us on an expected schedule in 2021. Please stay tuned. There are lots of cool things to talk about in the coming year.

By DrNorge

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