Episode 305: A look at the Superman Universe in the New 52!: We continue our look at the new 52 with a chat about Action Comics #9, Superman #8, Supergirl #8 and Superboy #8.

On the voicemail side of things, we share the remaining calls from C2E2 with quick shout outs from friends of the show such as: Freddie E. Williams II, Jamal Igle, Gail Simone, Pants from Comic Geek Speak, and of course the trials and tribulations of the Sensei’s convention travels.

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Show Notes:           

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3:20 Casual chat about the evolving world of Superman and Action Comics #9

1:06:40 Superman #8 and Supergirl #8

2:17:25 C2E2 Voicemails

2:30:00 Superboy #8

2:58:15 Show Closing : Hawkman by Wednesday Heroes http://wednesdayheroes.com/wordpress/

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By DrNorge

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