Episode 281 is up: All Star Western # 2, Action Comics #3, Teen Titans #2 and Supergirl #2 plus listener voicemails

Episode 281: Jim and Sean discuss All Star Western # 2, Action Comics #3, Teen Titans #2 and Supergirl #2 in the continued New 52 exploration! We also have some fantastic listener voicemails!

Voicemails from Bobby C., Rob, Seth, and a new reader and listener. More voicemails next week! We are releasing them in the order they were received. We love your calls!

19 Episodes to 300!

Show Notes:

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3:30 All Star Western # 2, Shout out to Feedback Magazine and to David Baron’s charity.

40:45 Voicemails Segment 1

1:22:35 Action Comics #3

1:57:45 Voicemails Segment 2

2:30:00 Teen Titans #2

2:54:30 Supergirl #2

3:14:25 Show Closing is Hawkman by Wednesday Heroes http://wednesdayheroes.com/wordpress/

We’ll be back next week with our next episode.  Check Ragingbullets.com and the forum for regular updates.

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One thought on “Episode 281 is up: All Star Western # 2, Action Comics #3, Teen Titans #2 and Supergirl #2 plus listener voicemails

  1. Thanks for using both my voice mails this week.

    Regarding “Hal Jordan as Parallax” and Sinestro, in EMERALD TWILIGHT, Sinestro said that one thing about being a Green Lantern is that you get a lot of power and responsibility, but you eventually ask yourself, “What do *I* get out of all this?”

    Hal Jordan and almost every superhero probably asks themselves that at some point. What is the great reward for being a superhero? Is being a superhero its own reward? Can you force yourself to believe that, even if you really don’t?

    In EMERALD NIGHT, Parallax-Hal asked Ganthet, “After everything I’d done for you, was I really asking for so much?”
    Ganthet blah-blahed about the Guardians being an unbending lot.

    I’m wondering if GREEN LANTERN #3 will cover what Korugar is like, and what the planet thinks of Sinestro. Do they think, “Yes, he saved us from various external threats, but we hate him anyway”? And anything like “It’s Sinestro’s fault this threat came here in the first place” can be very similar to “It’s Green Lantern’s fault this threat came to Coast City in the first place!”

    Thanks again.

    Bobby C.
    a.k.a. Starwolf_oakley

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