By DrNorge

One thought on “Smallville Finale: Your thoughts?”
  1. For over 70 years Superman, the concept of superheroes, comic books and comic book creators and readers, generation after generation, have studied, defined, and refined, what is a “true hero”. Certainly not the arnolds who make witty jokes as they kill people, cause cripples in car chases so that they can catch a single suspect, shoot lowpaid security guards who unwittingly hold a girlfriend prisoner, or who, without remorse, slaughter a villian, the mentally deranged and filthy savages. I grew up on the silver age Superman who, though not yet a perfect true hero, taught me that a hero embodies “strength with compassion”, the value of “the american way” or what should be the american way, a value that the world has forgotten while the superman remembers and represents. In the 90’s that value was almost forgotten by comic book creators, with the Id “I want what I want when I want it or I’ll use my strength to hurt you” driven characters of Image taking over the image, until the creators of Kingdom Come flew to the rescue to have the old guard and new guard face the issue and get the study of a “true hero” back on track. And the refining of the true hero’s perfection found its most crystal clear expression in Smallville and it’s latest version of Clark’s journey upon the wheels of creators and readers generations long. Be the colors red, yellow and blue, or red, black and blue, let them fly with the colors of red, white and blue, to shine for us what is the good. Tom Welling played it to perfection as the boy, the son, the man and the father to us all, as did Erica Durance, the girl, the daughter, the woman and mother, together the Husband and Wife, the Team watching one another’s backs and all our backs, with the support of friendships they have proven worthy of, wisdoms they have suffered for, triumphs they have learned from, as may we all, to love.

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