Sequart Research & Literacy Organization’s Keeping the World Strange: A Planetary Guide is now available for order through comic shops (use Diamond order code MAR111401). The book is currently listed in the books section of March’s Previews catalog (page 347) and is set to hit stores in late May.

“Highly recommended.” – Ain’t It Cool News

Edited by Cody Walker, Keeping the World Strange offers essays that examine the highly-acclaimed WildStorm series from varied, thought-provoking viewpoints:

* We Contain Universes:  The Delicately Spinning Reality of the Snowflake, by Kevin Thurman
* Surfing through Planetary:  The Characters behind the Fiction, by Andy Richardson
* The Secret History of the WildStorm Universe, by Cody Walker
* When Third is Fourth:  The Mystery of the Fourth Man, by Chad Nevett
* Bleeding Between the Lines:  Planetary and Vertigo, by Timothy Callahan
* “The Hidden Wonders of the World”:  Planetary and Reconstructionism, by Julian Darius
* Archaeologists, Architects, and Acolytes:  Reading Futures Studies in Planetary, by Caleb Stokes
* The Monster Within:  Examining Monstrous Archetypes in Planetary, by Ross Payton
Planetary and Decompression, by Patrick Meaney
* The Ideal and the Strange:  Order Vs. Freedom in Planetary, by Peter Sanderson
* The Man Who Knows the Game, by A. David Lewis (viewing Planetary as a game that begins with Elijah Snow’s white suit)
* Apocrypha or Canon?  Fitting the Three Crossover One-Shots into Planetary, by Chad Nevett
* Appendix:  Sequencing Planetary, by Julian Darius (a suggested reading order for Planetary’s 31 stories)

No Planetary fan or comics scholar should go without this critical analysis of one of the best series of the 21st century.  (Softcover, 6”x9”, 188 pgs, B&W, $19.95 cover price, ISBN 9780578077017.)

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THE YEAR OF WARREN ELLIS: Keeping the World Strange is the first offering from Sequart’s “2011: The Year of Ellis” campaign, which includes two other books (Shot in the Face:  A Savage Journey to the Heart of Transmetropolitan and Voyage in Noise:  Warren Ellis and the Demise of Western Civilization) and the documentary film Warren Ellis:  Captured Ghosts.

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NOTE: Don’t assume your comics store will order copies – some stores might not even notice it in the catalog. The best thing you can do is tell your local retailer ASAP (they have to place orders before the end of March) that you want them to order you a copy. And because we’re buried in the catalog, it might help to give them the book’s order code, which is MAR111401.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Planetary and related characters are trademarks of DC Comics. This book is not endorsed by DC Comics.

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