Back in the day (translation: a couple years ago) I remember having a conversation with Sean and Jim where we asked how we’d like to see the universe depicted on Smallville continued once the show was over.  This post expresses my opinions at the time, saying I believed that Smallville should be considered a part of the DC Multiverse.

My opinion from over two years ago remains the same.  And with Smallville getting ready to gear up for its final run of episodes soon, the subject seems to be pertinent once again.  According to Superman Group Editor Matt Idelson, there is not a plan for an ongoing series.  However, what would be the harm in at least establishing it as part of the Multiverse, giving DC the option to revisit these versions of the characters from the show in the future?

The Batman Beyond cartoon ran for three seasons and now gets to call Earth-12 home.  Young Justice hadn’t even aired its first episode before it was designated as taking place on Earth-16.  Smallville has run for 10 seasons and is being treated like the bastard child of the DCU.

Precedence exists for the continuation of TV series in the form of a comic book once the show has finished.  Buffy has been a very popular comic book, giving fans of the show a way to experience what would have happened after that last episode aired.  And do I dare bring up a franchise like Star Wars? How many comic books (and even traditional novels) have cropped up that expand on the original story?  Obviously there’s a market for these characters or they wouldn’t exist.

Smallville has that market, too.  A show doesn’t air for 10 seasons (with what will eventually be 218 episodes) without having a strong fan following.

Sure, the whole purpose of the show was to show Clark’s path to becoming Superman, but is that really where the story ends?  I don’t think so.  In the push to get Clark to a place where he dons the cape and finally takes flight, there has been a noticeable absence of his development as a reporter.  Lois is getting there, but she still has a ways to go, as well.  They’re both still in the basement!  Perry isn’t the Editor yet.  Clark’s secret identity still has a ways to go.  Even though the show is ending, there’s still plenty of story to be told.

Smallville has also been the home of some interesting character re-imaginings over the years.  Some of them have failed, but some have also taken off and even been popular.  Green Arrow’s leather ensemble has even been featured from time to time as Oliver’s main costume.

Not all of the 52 Earths have been inhabited, so there’s plenty of room to place these characters.  I personally am more interested right now in the journey than the result.  Give Smallville a place in the Multiverse and seriously consider an ongoing to continue this version of the Superman mythology.

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